2013-2014 Science Planning Summaries
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CRREL 09-10 activities

Program Manager:
Mr. George Blaisdell

Event Number: T-940-M
NSF Agreement

ASC POC/Implementer:
Brian Johnson / John Rand

Ms. Lynette Anne Barna (Principal Investigator)

US Army Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab
Hanover, New Hampshire

Supporting Stations:  McMurdo Station
Research Locations:  

Project Description:
There are several objectives expected for the T-940 activities during the 2013-14 Antarctic Field Season. We expect to be advised which projects will be funded in mid to late-August. The potential projects include engineering and basic research in support of the following: South Pole Traverse (SPoT); Support to McMurdo Airfields Improvements (SMAI); Under-Ice Exploration of SBT (SBT); South Pole Station Operations (SPSO); Sea-Ice Thickness Survey (SITS); Snow Road GPR Robotic Survey (GPR); Albedo Surveys on Pegasus Runway Using a Robot (ASPRR); Development of Fleet Management Plan (DFMP); Drainage Solutions Implementation (DSI); South Pole Utility Tunnel Maintenance (SPUTM); and McMurdo Master Planning - Drainage Study (MCMMP-DS)

More specific objectives for these projects are:

South Pole Traverse (SPoT): CRREL POC: James Lever 1) Assess route safety in areas where crevasses may be present by GPR and physical characterization. 2) Continued tests of a prototype cargo sled 3) Continued tests for sled performance and mobility improvements. 4) Experiments for Autonomous Guided Traverse Vehicles.

Support to McM Airfield CRREL POC: Chris Hiemstra & TJ Melendy 1) Ice/snow core surveys betweeen Pegasus and Mile Post 7 on Pegasus road

Fleet Management CRREL POC: TJ Melendy 1) Heavy equipment analysis

South Pole Station Operations (SPSO): CRREL POC: Lynette Barna 1) Work with NSF's Dick Armstrong and CRREL contractor John Rand on specified South Pole operations issues.

Field Season Overview:
Deployments: 6 - 1 team member; early season for SPoT, SITS, GPR, ASPRR. - 4 team members, late-season for SMAI, DFMP, DSI, SPUTM, MCMMP-DS & SPSO. - 1 team members, mid-season for SBT.

ASC POCs: ALL: Brian Johnson

Primary NSF POC: Mr. George Blaisdell

There are several needs for the 2013-14 season. Since certain items may be required for different projects (i.e. a truck may be needed for both SPoT and other projects), project identifiers are included in this overview, as well as in each section, with the specific items:

We will need access to trucks, tracked vehicles and snow mobilies (SMAI, SR&T, SAC, SPoT). Surveying support is requested for various tasks (minimal time expected). South-bound cargo will need to be com-air shipped to ChCh.

Deploying Team Members:

  • Lynette Barna (PI)
  • Zoe Courville
  • Zoe Courville
  • Terry Melendy, Jr.

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