USAP Baggage Allowance Changes
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Important Changes for 2014-2015

Baggage Allowance to the Ice

The baggage allowance on the Ice flight between Christchurch and McMurdo is reduced to 85 pounds (34kg).

The LC-130 fleet will be the primary intercontinental aircraft for most of the 2014/2015 McMurdo/ South Pole season. Because of the cargo limitations of the LC-130, all passengers are restricted to 85 pounds of personal baggage for all flights into or out of Christchurch. Additionally, all passengers are limited to 15 pounds of hand carry luggage that must fit into a standard airline sizing box. Passengers will be weighed wearing their ECW. ECW weight is part of passenger weight.

Commercial allowance remains two bags up to 50 pounds each, plus carry on.

See the Travel Deployment Packet pages for Grantees and Technical Events and for ASC Personnel for more information.