2002-2003 Science Planning Summary

Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic (TEA)

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  NSF Contact: Guy G. Guthridge
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List of 2002-2003 teachers and the science projects they are joining
For information about each teacher, visit http://tea.rice.edu
Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic is sponsored by NSF Office of Polar Programs and the Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Informal Education in the Directorate of Education and Human Resources. It is facilitated by Rice University, the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, and the American Museum of Natural History.  
Candidates are nominated by principal investigators or by themselves. Selections are made in a competitive process. Awardees travel to Antarctica and become working members of research teams. Principal investigators volunteer to accept TEAs on their teams.  
TEA is part of the NSF's strategy to integrate research and education in an effort to infuse education with the joy of discovery and an awareness of its connections to exploration. The program's goals are to immerse teachers in research as part of their professional development, to bring polar research into the classroom in engaging ways, to underscore the societal relevance of science and the scientific process, and to maintain a lively community among researchers, teachers, students, and school districts.  

NSF funds the extra of supporting teachers including:

  • A substitute while the teacher is away
  • Travel to the investigator's institution before the trip
  • Travel by the teacher to Antarctica
  • Travel by the investigator to the teacher's school district for joint presentations
This is an exciting program that offers benefits to the research team, the teacher, the classroom, and K-12 students both present and future. Teachers and school districts can find more information at http:tea.rice.edu.  


Event Number
Principal Investigator
Andrew Caldwell Douglas County High School
Castle Rock, CO
GO-058-0 Ralph Harvey The Antarctic search for meteorites ANSMET
Mary Ann DeMello Rockland Public School
Rockland, MA
IO-196-M Brenda Hall Collaborative Research: Millennial-scale fluctuations of Dry Valleys lakes: A test of regional climate variability and the interhemispheric (a)synchrony of climate change
Jerri Lunn Hollyfield McElwain Elementary
Birmingham, AL
BO-022-O Charles Amsler The chemical ecology of shallow-water marine macroalgae and invertebrates on the Antarctic peninsula
Louis T. Huffman Kennedy Junior High
Lisle, IL
BM-042-M Diane McKnight McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER: The role of natural legacy on ecosystem structure and function in a polar desert.
Eric Muhs Shorewood High School
Seattle, WA
AA-130-O Robert Morse AMANDA 2000
Michael R. Weiss Yarmouth High School
Yarmouth, Maine
GO-056-O Bruce Marsh The ferrar magmatic mush Column system, Dry Valleys, Antarctica
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