2002-2003 Science Planning Summary

Biology & Medicine

Dr. Polly Penhale
Program Manager


NSF/OPP 02-17282
Station: RV Laurence M. Gould and Palmer Station
RPSC POC: Karl Newyear
Research Site(s): RV LMG, Palmer Station

Phytoplankton ecology component of LTER (Long Term Environmental Research): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment
Dr. Hugh W. Ducklow
College of William and Mary
School of Marine Science
Dr. Maria Vernet
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Marine Research Division

Deploying Team Members: Jeffrey P Bechtel . Michelle E Ferrara . Wendy A Kozlowski . Lauren A Rogers . Karie A Sines . Maria Vernet
Research Objectives: The phytoplankton ecology component of the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) project focuses on rates of primary production and phytoplankton community structure, particularly their relationship to physical forcing.

Field Season Overview:
Field work includes a Palmer Station program and a science cruise aboard the R/V Laurence M. Gould. During the Palmer Station program researchers will travel by Zodiac inflatable boats to local sampling stations to collect water samples and related oceanographic parameters. Samples will be returned to the laboratory, analyzed for biochemical properties of phytoplankton and experiments carried out to estimate rate processes.

During the science cruise (LMG 03-01) the same types of sampling and analysis will be done. New experiments this field season include water-column measurement of delta 18-O.