2002-2003 Science Planning Summary

Geology & Geophysics

Dr. Scott Borg
Program Manager


NSF/OPP 00-88136
Station: McMurdo Station
RPSC POC: Kirk Salveson
Research Site(s): Vida Lake

Aeolian processes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Dr. Nicholas Lancaster
Desert Research Institute
Earth & Ecosystem Sciences

Deploying Team Members: Kurt C Cupp . John A Gillies . Nicholas Lancaster . William G Nickling
Research Objectives: This is an ongoing project. The group plans to continue measurements of shear stress partitioning on rocky surfaces, with emphasis on relations between rock cover and sand transport. They will deploy instruments to several sites in the eastern part of the Victoria Valley to measure wind profiles, drag on rocks, surface shear stress, and sand transport. They will also acquire low level digital aerial photographs of 2001-2002 study site and 2002-2003 sites for determination of roughness element distribution and geometry.

Field Season Overview:
Project team members will travel by helicopter to Lake Fryxell in Taylor Valley where they will occupy the Lake Fryxell field camp. From the camp they will travel by helicopter to a series of study sites in the Taylor, Wright, and Victoria Valleys. At each site, they will establish temporary satellite camps, set up instruments, and take measurements. At the end of the field season, the project team members will return by helicopter to McMurdo Station with all their equipment.