2002-2003 Science Planning Summary

Artists & Writers

Mr. Guy Guthridge
Program Manager


NSF/OPP (none)
Station: McMurdo Station
RPSC POC: Elaine Hood
Research Site(s): Mt. Hope, Beardmore Glacier, Gateway

The Lost Men: A book linking modern science and Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party
Ms. Kelly B. Tyler
Sanford Greenburger Associates

Deploying Team Members: Kelly Tyler
Research Objectives: Ms. Tyler's book is a nonfiction account of the Ross Sea Party of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914-1917). She will observe sites related to the basic operations and sledging journeys of that expedition and interview scientists engaged in field research relevant to the topic. As a science journalist, Ms. Tyler's goal is to build a deeper context for understanding the historical events detailed in the primary source narratives of the expedition, and seek explanations for phenomena and events not fully understood by the Ross Sea Party in current NSF research.

Field Season Overview:
The author will visit research locations and interview investigators to intertwine modern science with the historical account, providing a deeper context for the expedition. The book is slated for publication in the US by Viking/Penguin, in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand by Bloomsbury Press, and as an audiobook by Simon & Schuster. Ms. Tyler, a science journalist and historian, produced, wrote, and directed the 2-hour television documentary Shackleton for Nova and was coordinating producer of the IMAX film Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure.