2002-2003 Science Planning Summary

Artists & Writers

Mr. Guy Guthridge
Program Manager


NSF/OPP (none)
Station: McMurdo Station
RPSC POC: Elaine Hood
Research Site(s): Big Razorback, Dry Valleys, McMurdo Sound

A nonfiction, illustrated children’s book about the Weddell seal
Mr. Laurence Pringle
Mr. Robert Marstall

Deploying Team Members: Robert T Marstall . Laurence Pringle
Research Objectives: This group's primary goal is to produce an illustrated nonfiction children's book about Weddell seals and seal research. They intend to describe the animals' life history by focusing on one hypothetical individual. During deployment, they will report on their progress to elementary school classrooms via the internet. Their contact with other researchers will probably lead to additional children's nonfiction books.

Mr. Pringle is a writer and Mr. Marstall is an illustrator. They have collaborated on numerous books including "An Extraordinary Life: The Story of a Monarch Butterfly" (Orchard, 1997) which was judged the best children’s nonfiction book published in 1997 and won the Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children in 1998.

Field Season Overview:
The team will work with NSF-funded investigators studying the Weddell seal in McMurdo Sound. They will also visit the McMurdo Dry Valleys to look for mummified seal remains.