2002-2003 Science Planning Summary

Artists & Writers

Mr. Guy Guthridge
Program Manager


NSF/OPP (none)
Station: McMurdo Station
RPSC POC: Elaine Hood
Research Site(s): McMurdo Station

Frigid Beauty: Weather in Antarctica
Mr. Thomas E. Svarney
Ms. Patricia Barnes-Svarney

Deploying Team Members: Patricia L Barnes-Svarney . Thomas E Svarney
Research Objectives: Once thought to be a cold, windswept land of desolation, harboring nothing but penguins and seals, the realities of Antarctica are far more interesting: The continent is a dynamic, vibrant landmass not only known for its harsh weather, but also its connection to the global climate. Although the rocks and ice hold secrets to the continent's past climate, the wide horizons grant a view of contemporary weather unsurpassed anywhere on Earth. This group's goal is not only to experience some of the weather in order to understand the continent, but to interview (and possibly watch in action) atmospheric scientists, meteorologists, and climatologists conducting weather/climate research. They will use the data to write a book, "Frigid Beauty: Weather in Antarctica," which will present the uniqueness of antarctic weather, highlight optical phenomena, discuss the latest research in climate and weather at both stations, examine Antarctica's influence on the global climate, and detail some space weather studies being conducted at the Pole.

The authors are science writers with backgrounds as professional scientists. Simon & Schuster in 1999 published their "Skies of Fury: Weather Weirdness Around the World."

Field Season Overview:
The team will be in the Antarctic for about 3 weeks, visiting weather researchers and forecasters at McMurdo and South Pole.