2002-2003 Science Planning Summary

Artists & Writers

Mr. Guy Guthridge
Program Manager


NSF/OPP (none)
Station: Palmer Station
Research Site(s): Palmer Station vicinity

To Paint in Antarctica
Mr. James D. Woodside
Walnut Hill School

Deploying Team Members: James D Woodside
Research Objectives: Mr. Woodside will paint and draw landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife from direct observation as much as possible. He will work with oil on canvas, or colored pencil and ink on paper, depending on conditions.

Mr. Woodside is chair of the art department of the Walnut Hill School, one of only three residential independent arts high schools in the country. He plans to exhibit the paintings at colleges, independent secondary schools, and public schools and will use them in teaching and lecturing.

Field Season Overview:
Mr. Woodside will work at Palmer Station and vicinity, joining science teams at their field sites. He and the other artist on station, Scott Kelly, ( WO-221-O), will travel to and work at field locations together, as practicable.