2002-2003 Science Planning Summary

Aeronomy & Astrophysics

Dr. Vladimir Papitashvili, Program Manager

Table of Contents

List projects by Principal Investigator List projects by USAP program List projects by institution List projects by station List projects by event number (digits) List deploying team members
PI Last NamePI First NameProject TitleNSF/OPP Award #Event #
AdrianiAlbertoStudy of polar stratospheric clouds by LIDAR90-17805 AO-107-O
AvalloneLinneaIn situ measurements of halogen oxides in the troposphere98-75829 AO-132-O
AverySusanDynamics of the Antarctic MLT (mesosphere-lower-thermosphere) region using ground-based radar and TIMED instrumentation00-00957 AO-284-O
BieberJohnSolar and heliospheric studies with antarctic cosmic ray observations98-16129 AO-120-M/S
CarlstromJohnDASI (Degree Angular Scale Interferometer)00-94541 AO-373-O
DeshlerTerryIn situ measurements of polar stratospheric clouds, condensation nuclei, and ozone during the austral winter and spring99-80594 AO-131-O
EjiriMasakiAll-Sky Imager at the South PoleUS-Japan AO-117-O
EngebretsonMarkConjugate and high time resolution studies of ULF waves and magnetospheric dynamics using ground based induction magnetometers at four high latitude manned sites99-09212 AO-102-M/S
Fraser-SmithAntonyThe operation of an ELF/VLF radiometer at Arrival Heights01-38126 AO-100-O
GaisserThomasSouth Pole Air Shower Experiment - 2 (SPASE-2)99-80801 AO-109-O
HernandezGonzaloHigh-latitude Antarctic neutral mesospheric and thermospheric dynamics and thermodynamics99-09743 AO-110-M/S
HolzapfelWilliamACBAR (Arcminute Cosmology Bolometer Array)00-91840 AO-378-O
InanUmranELF/VLF waves at the South Pole99-09872 AO-106-S
InanUmranA VLF beacon transmitter at South Pole (2001-2004)00-93381 AO-108-O
InanUmranGlobal thunderstorm activity and its effects on the radiation belts and the lower ionosphere99-10565 AO-306-P
JefferiesStuartMapping the sound speed structure of the sun's atmosphere00-87541 AO-115-O
LaBelleJamesA versatile electromagnetic waveform receiver for South Pole Station00-90545 AO-128-O
LanzerottiLouisA continuation of magnetometer data acquisition at McMurdo and South Pole Stations AO-101-M/S
LessardMarcMeasurement and analysis of extremely low frequency (ELF) waves at South Pole Station01-32576 AO-136-O
MendeStevenAntarctic Auroral Imaging98-18086 AO-104-O
MorseRobertAMANDA 2000 (Antarctic Muon And Neutrino Detector Array)99-80474 AA-130-O
NovakGilesMapping galactic magnetic fields with SPARO (Submillimeter Polarimeter for Antarctic Remote Observations)01-30389 AO-376-O
RosenbergTheodoreRiometry in Antarctica and conjugate region00-03881 AO-111-M/S
RosenbergTheodorePolar Experiment Network for Geophysical Upper-Atmospheric Investigations98-18176 AO-112-O
RuhlJohnBOOMERanG (Balloon Observations of Millimetric Extragalactic Radiation and Geophysics): A balloon-borne measurement of polarization in the cosmic microwave background99-80654 AB-148-O
SivjeeGulamabasEffects of enhanced solar disturbances during the 2000-2002 solar-max period on the Antarctic mesosphere-lower-thermosphere (MLT) and F regions composition, thermodynamics and dynamics99-09339 AO-129-O
StaceyGordonWide-field imaging spectroscopy in the submillimeter: Deploying SPIFI on AST/RO00-94605 AO-377-O
StarkAntonyAST/RO (Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and Remote Observatory)01-26090 AO-371-O
SteppWilliamLong duration balloon program (LDB)NASA AB-145-O
WefelJohnATIC Long Duration Balloon Flight (Advanced Thin Ionization Calorimeter)ATIC AB-143-O