2002-2003 Science Planning Summary

Artists & Writers

Mr. Guy Guthrige, Program Manager

Table of Contents

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PI Last NamePI First NameProject TitleNSF/OPP Award #Event #
KelleyScottterra incognita: anvers island and surrounding area(none) WO-221-O
MyersJoanA photographic overview of the ongoing human exploration and occupation of Antarctica, the most hostile continent on our planet(none) WO-219-O
PringleLaurenceA nonfiction, illustrated children’s book about the Weddell seal(none) WO-218-O
SvarneyThomasFrigid Beauty: Weather in Antarctica(none) WO-220-O
TylerKellyThe Lost Men: A book linking modern science and Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party(none) WO-217-O
WoodsideJamesTo Paint in Antarctica(none) WO-223-O