2002-2003 Science Planning Summary

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PI Last NamePI First NameNSF/OPP Award #Project TitleEvent #
001RaymondJames00-88000Function and chemical nature of ice-active substances associated with sea ice diatoms BO-001-O
005DeVriesArthur99-09841Antifreeze proteins in antarctic fishes: Ecological and organismal physiology, protein structure-function and mechanism, genetics, and evolution BO-005-M
006ManahanDonal01-30398Energetics of protein metabolism during development of Antarctic echinoderms BO-006-O
009GarrottRobert02-25110Patterns and processes: Dynamics of the Erebus Bay Weddell seal population BO-009-O
010KimStacy01-26319Community dynamics in a polar ecosystem: Benthic recovery from organic enrichment in the Antarctic BO-010-O
013DucklowHugh02-17282Seabird component of LTER (Long Term Environmental Research): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment BP-013-L/P
016DucklowHugh02-17282Phytoplankton ecology component of LTER (Long Term Environmental Research): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment BP-016-L/P
017DavisRandall99-09422Hunting behavior and energetics of free-ranging Weddell seals BO-017-O
018KanatousShane01-25475Ontogeny of aerobic capacity, lipid metabolism, and elevated myoglobin concentrations in the skeletal muscles of Weddell seals BO-018-O
019ConnellLaurie01-25611Yeasts in the Antarctic Dry Valleys: Biological role, distribution, and evolution BO-019-O
021MartinsonDouglas02-17282Long Term Environmental Research (LTER): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment BP-021-L
022AmslerCharles01-25181The chemical ecology of shallow-water marine macroalgae and invertebrates on the Antarctic peninsula BO-022-L/P
025HuntGeorge02-34570 (SGER)Food web structure across a large-scale ocean productivity gradient: Top predator assemblages in the southern Indian Ocean BO-025-E
027DyeTimothy01-25893Culture emergence and health in Antarctica BO-027-O
028DucklowHugh02-17282Zooplankton component of LTER (Long Term Environmental Research): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment BP-028-L/P
031AinleyDavid01-25608Geographic structure of Adelie penguin populations: Demography of population expansion BO-031-O
032DucklowHugh02-17282Bio-optical component of LTER (Long Term Environmental Research): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment BP-032-L/P
034EmslieSteven99-09274Abandoned penguin colonies in Antarctica BO-034-E
036SidellBruce01-25890Cold body temperature as an evolutionary shaping force in the physiology of antarctic fishes BO-036-L/P
037Detrich, IIIH. William00-89451Structure, function and expression of tubulins, globins, and microtubule-dependent motors from cold-adapted antarctic fishes BO-037-L/P
038BlanchetteRobert99-09271Investigation on deterioration in the Historic Huts of the Ross Sea region of Antarctica BO-038-O
040TrivelpieceWayne99-80641Foraging behavior and demography of pygoscelis penguins BO-040-O
042DDoranPeter98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER: The role of natural legacy on ecosystem structure and function in a polar desert BM-042-D
042FFountainAndrew98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER: The role of natural legacy on ecosystem structure and function in a polar desert. BM-042-F
042LLyonsW. Berry98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER: The role of natural legacy on ecosystem structure and function in a polar desert. BM-042-L
042MMcKnightDiane98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER: The role of natural legacy on ecosystem structure and function in a polar desert. BM-042-M
042PPriscuJohn98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER: The role of natural legacy on ecosystem structure and function in a polar desert. BM-042-P
042VVirginiaRoss98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER: The role of natural legacy on ecosystem structure and function in a polar desert BM-042-V
042WWallDiana98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER: The role of natural legacy on ecosystem structure and function in a polar desert BM-042-W
043BowserSamuel00-03639Seasonal dynamics of giant agglutinated foraminifera BO-043-O
045DucklowHugh00-87872LTER (Long Term Environmental Research): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment BP-045-L/P
047SmithWalker00-87401Interannual Variability in the Antarctic Ross Sea (IVARS): Nutrient fields and seasonal productivity II BO-047-O
051BaoHuiming01-25842Multiple isotope analyses of soil sulfate and nitrate in the Antarctic Dry Valleys GO-051-O
052MullinsJerry02-33246Antarctic mapping, geodesy, geospatial data, satellite image mapping and Antarctic Resource Center management GO-052-M
053HalletBernard97-26139Stability of land surfaces in the Dry Valleys: Insights based on the dynamics of sub-surface ice and sand-wedge polygons GO-053-O
054MarchantDavid98-11877Response of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet to middle miocene global change GO-054-A
056MarshBruce98-14332The ferrar magmatic mush column system, Dry Valleys, Antarctica GO-056-O
058HarveyRalph99-80452The Antarctic search for meteorites (ANSMET) GO-058-O
062FlemingThomas01-26106Emplacement of the ferrar mafic igneous province: A pilot study of intrusive architecture and flow directions in Southern Victoria Land GO-062-O
064RennePaul01-25194Calibration of cosmogenic argon production rates in Antarctica GO-064-O
Improved Cenozoic plate reconstructions of the circum-Antarctic region GO-071-O
074LyonsW. Berry00-87915Chemical weathering in Taylor Valley streams: Sources, mechanisms and global implications GO-074-O
078KemeraitRobertNSF/OPP-DoD MOAAFTAC Dry Valley seismic project (Air Force Technical Applications Center) GO-078-O
080TaylorFrederick01-26472The Scotia Arc GPS Project: Focus on the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands GO-080-L
01-16577 (MRI)
Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory: Gas emissions and seismic studies
Development of integrated seismic, geodetic and volcanic gas surveillance instrumentation for volcanic research
085SimsKenneth01-26269U-Series (uranium-series) isotopic constraints on the rates of magma genesis evolution and degassing at Mt. Erebus, Antarctica GO-085-O
087DalzielIan00-03619A GPS network to determine crustal motions in the bedrock of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Phase I, Installation GO-087-M
089WiensDouglas99-09603A broadband seismic experiment to investigate deep continental structure across the East-West Antarctic boundary GO-089-M
090ButlerRhettEAR 00-04370Global Seismograph Station: IRIS & USGS/ASL GO-090-P/S
092BergerGlenn99-09665Development of a luminescence dating capability for antarctic glaciomarine sediments: Tests of signal zeroing at the Antarctic Peninsula GO-092-O
100Fraser-SmithAntony01-38126The operation of an ELF/VLF radiometer at Arrival Heights AO-100-O
101LanzerottiLouisA continuation of magnetometer data acquisition at McMurdo and South Pole Stations AO-101-M/S
102EngebretsonMark99-09212Conjugate and high time resolution studies of ULF waves and magnetospheric dynamics using ground based induction magnetometers at four high latitude manned sites AO-102-M/S
104MendeSteven98-18086Antarctic Auroral Imaging AO-104-O
106InanUmran99-09872ELF/VLF waves at the South Pole AO-106-S
107AdrianiAlberto90-17805Study of polar stratospheric clouds by LIDAR AO-107-O
108InanUmran00-93381A VLF beacon transmitter at South Pole (2001-2004) AO-108-O
109GaisserThomas99-80801South Pole Air Shower Experiment - 2 (SPASE-2) AO-109-O
110HernandezGonzalo99-09743High-latitude Antarctic neutral mesospheric and thermospheric dynamics and thermodynamics AO-110-M/S
111RosenbergTheodore00-03881Riometry in Antarctica and conjugate region AO-111-M/S
112RosenbergTheodore98-18176Polar Experiment Network for Geophysical Upper-Atmospheric Investigations AO-112-O
115JefferiesStuart00-87541Mapping the sound speed structure of the sun's atmosphere AO-115-O
117EjiriMasakiUS-JapanAll-Sky Imager at the South Pole AO-117-O
120BieberJohn98-16129Solar and heliospheric studies with antarctic cosmic ray observations AO-120-M/S
128LaBelleJames00-90545A versatile electromagnetic waveform receiver for South Pole Station AO-128-O
129SivjeeGulamabas99-09339Effects of enhanced solar disturbances during the 2000-2002 solar-max period on the Antarctic mesosphere-lower-thermosphere (MLT) and F regions composition, thermodynamics and dynamics AO-129-O
130MorseRobert99-80474AMANDA 2000 (Antarctic Muon And Neutrino Detector Array) AA-130-O
131DeshlerTerry99-80594In situ measurements of polar stratospheric clouds, condensation nuclei, and ozone during the austral winter and spring AO-131-O
132AvalloneLinnea98-75829In situ measurements of halogen oxides in the troposphere AO-132-O
133JacobelRobert98-14574U.S. ITASE: Radar studies of internal stratigraphy and bedrock topography along the traverse IU-133-O
134HofmannGretchen00-87971Evolutionary loss of the heat shock response in antarctic fishes BO-134-O
136LessardMarc01-32576Measurement and analysis of extremely low frequency (ELF) waves at South Pole Station AO-136-O
143WefelJohnATICATIC Long Duration Balloon Flight (Advanced Thin Ionization Calorimeter) AB-143-O
145SteppWilliamNASALong duration balloon program (LDB) AB-145-O
148RuhlJohn99-80654BOOMERanG (Balloon Observations of Millimetric Extragalactic Radiation and Geophysics): A balloon-borne measurement of polarization in the cosmic microwave background AB-148-O
152LuyendykBruce00-88143Antarctic cretaceous-cenozoic climate, glaciation, and tectonics: Site surveys for drilling from the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf GO-152-O
153AMayewskiPaul97-25057U.S. ITASE: Science management for the United States component of the International Trans Antarctic Expedition IU-153-A
153BMayewskiPaul98-11857U.S. ITASE: Glaciochemistry IU-153-B
154BartPhilip00-94078CAREER: Relative frequency and phase of extreme expansions of the Antarctic ice sheets during the late Neogene GO-154-O
155AlbertMary98-14676U.S. ITASE: Snow and firn microstructure and transport properties IU-155-O
158BalesRoger98-14810U.S. ITASE: Hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, and sub-annual snow accumulation in West Antarctica IU-158-O
161CuffeyKurt01-25579Dynamics and climatic response of the Taylor Glacier system IO-161-O
178HamiltonGordon98-15510U.S. ITASE: Mass balance and accumulation rate along US ITASE routes IU-178-O
179MurrayAlison00-85435Gene expression in extreme environments: Extending microarray technology to understand life at its limits BO-179-O
183LancasterNicholas00-88136Aeolian processes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica GO-183-O
185MeeseDebra99-80434U.S. ITASE: The physical properties of the U.S. ITASE ice cores IU-185-O
186ScambosTheodore01-25570Characteristics of snow megadunes and their potential effects on ice core interpretation IO-186-O
193SteigEric99-04947U.S. ITASE: Stable isotope studies at West Antarctic ITASE sites IU-193-O
194HallBrenda01-24014AMS Radiocarbon Chronology of Glacier Fluctuations in South Shetland Islands during Glacial/Interglacial Hemicycle: Implications Antarctica's Role in Global Climate Change IO-194-E
196HallBrenda01-24014Millennial-scale fluctuations of Dry Valleys lakes: A test of regional climate variability and the interhemispheric (a)synchrony of climate change. IO-196-M
197KooymanGerald02-24957 (SGER)Effects of B15 on breeding success of the Cape Crozier emperor penguin colony BO-197-O
198FraserWilliam01-30525Monitoring the effects of tourism and environmental variability on Adelie penguins at Palmer Station, Antarctica BO-198-P
199CastelliniMichael01-30417Effects of foraging on the lipid biochemistry of freely diving Weddell seals BO-199-O
200JeffreyWadeLatitudinal Effects of UVR on bacterioplankton: BRIDE OF TABASCO science of opportunity cruise BO-200-O
201WarrenStephen00-03826Solar radiation on the East Antarctic Plateau OO-201-O
202StearnsCharles01-26262Antarctic Meteorological Research Center (AMRC) OO-202-O
204KeelingRalph95-OkeelA study of atmospheric oxygen variability in relation to annual to decadal variations in terrestrial and marine ecosystems OO-204-O
205AnandakrishnanSridhar00-86297Characterizing the onset of ice stream flow: A ground geophysical program IO-205-O
209ConwayHoward00-87345Western Divide WAISCORES site selection IO-209-O
213WaldenVonWork at Dome C through NASA and the Italian/French program OO-213-M
214TakahashiTaro00-03609Mesoscale, seasonal, and inter-annual variability of surface water carbon dioxide in the Drake Passage OO-214-O
215GordonArnold01-25172ANSLOPE: Cross slope exchanges at the Antarctic slope front OO-215-O
217TylerKelly(none)The Lost Men: A book linking modern science and Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party WO-217-O
218PringleLaurence(none)A nonfiction, illustrated children’s book about the Weddell seal WO-218-O
219MyersJoan(none)A photographic overview of the ongoing human exploration and occupation of Antarctica, the most hostile continent on our planet WO-219-O
220SvarneyThomas(none)Frigid Beauty: Weather in Antarctica WO-220-O
221KelleyScott(none)terra incognita: anvers island and surrounding area WO-221-O
223WoodsideJames(none)To Paint in Antarctica WO-223-O
229WilhelmSteven02-28895Viral dynamics and the Southern Ocean iron cycle BO-229-E
253EickenHajo0126007Measurements and improved parameterizations of the thermal conductivity and heat flow through first-year sea ice OO-253-O
257HofmannDave90-17842South Pole monitoring for climatic change -- U.S. Department of Commerce NOAA climate monitoring and diagnostic laboratory OO-257-O
260SprintallJanet00-03618Drake Passage XBT Program OO-260-O
264HofmannDaveNSF/NOAA agreementCollection of atmospheric air for the NOAA/CMDL worldwide flask sampling network OO-264-O
275SandersonColinUniversity of Miami/Dept of Energy-Environmental Measurements Lab, Remote Atmospheric Measurements Program (RAMP) OO-275-O
283StearnsCharles00-88058Antarctic automatic weather station program: 2001-2004 OO-283-M
284AverySusan00-00957Dynamics of the Antarctic MLT (mesosphere-lower-thermosphere) region using ground-based radar and TIMED instrumentation AO-284-O
290ElliotDavid00-87919Ferrar basaltic tuff-breccias formed by direct eruption: Evaluating an hypothesis GO-290-O
295JohnsBjornEAR-99-03413University NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO) GPS survey support GO-295-O
306InanUmran99-10565Global thunderstorm activity and its effects on the radiation belts and the lower ionosphere AO-306-P
311ArconeSteven98-14589U.S. ITASE: High resolution radar profiling of the snow and ice stratigraphy beneath the ITASE traverses IU-311-O
314HansenAnthony98-15140Measurement of combustion effluent carbonaceous aerosols in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica OO-314-O
315FiringEric98-16226Shipboard acoustic doppler current profiling on RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer and RV Laurence M. Gould OO-315-N
317ChereskinTeresa98-16226Shipboard acoustic doppler current profiling on R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer and R/V Laurence M. Gould OO-317-L
321PalinkasLawrence00-90343Prevention of environment-induced decrements in mood and cognitive performance BO-321-M/S
323McConnellJoseph00-87776U.S. ITASE: Deposition of the HFC degradation product trifluoroacetate in antarctic snow and ice IU-323-O
371StarkAntony01-26090AST/RO (Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and Remote Observatory) AO-371-O
373CarlstromJohn00-94541DASI (Degree Angular Scale Interferometer) AO-373-O
376NovakGiles01-30389Mapping galactic magnetic fields with SPARO (Submillimeter Polarimeter for Antarctic Remote Observations) AO-376-O
377StaceyGordon00-94605Wide-field imaging spectroscopy in the submillimeter: Deploying SPIFI on AST/RO AO-377-O
378HolzapfelWilliam00-91840ACBAR (Arcminute Cosmology Bolometer Array) AO-378-O