2002-2003 Science Planning Summary

Geology & Geophysics

Dr. Scott Borg, Program Manager

Table of Contents

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PI Last NamePI First NameProject TitleNSF/OPP Award #Event #
BaoHuimingMultiple isotope analyses of soil sulfate and nitrate in the Antarctic Dry Valleys01-25842 GO-051-O
BartPhilipCAREER: Relative frequency and phase of extreme expansions of the Antarctic ice sheets during the late Neogene00-94078 GO-154-O
BergerGlennDevelopment of a luminescence dating capability for antarctic glaciomarine sediments: Tests of signal zeroing at the Antarctic Peninsula99-09665 GO-092-O
ButlerRhettGlobal Seismograph Station: IRIS & USGS/ASLEAR 00-04370 GO-090-P/S
CandeSteveImproved Cenozoic plate reconstructions of the circum-Antarctic region01-26340
DalzielIanA GPS network to determine crustal motions in the bedrock of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Phase I, Installation00-03619 GO-087-M
ElliotDavidFerrar basaltic tuff-breccias formed by direct eruption: Evaluating an hypothesis00-87919 GO-290-O
FlemingThomasEmplacement of the ferrar mafic igneous province: A pilot study of intrusive architecture and flow directions in Southern Victoria Land01-26106 GO-062-O
HalletBernardStability of land surfaces in the Dry Valleys: Insights based on the dynamics of sub-surface ice and sand-wedge polygons97-26139 GO-053-O
HarveyRalphThe Antarctic search for meteorites (ANSMET)99-80452 GO-058-O
JohnsBjornUniversity NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO) GPS survey supportEAR-99-03413 GO-295-O
KemeraitRobertAFTAC Dry Valley seismic project (Air Force Technical Applications Center)NSF/OPP-DoD MOA GO-078-O
KylePhilipMount Erebus Volcano Observatory: Gas emissions and seismic studies
Development of integrated seismic, geodetic and volcanic gas surveillance instrumentation for volcanic research
01-16577 (MRI)
LancasterNicholasAeolian processes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica00-88136 GO-183-O
LuyendykBruceAntarctic cretaceous-cenozoic climate, glaciation, and tectonics: Site surveys for drilling from the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf00-88143 GO-152-O
LyonsW. BerryChemical weathering in Taylor Valley streams: Sources, mechanisms and global implications00-87915 GO-074-O
MarchantDavidResponse of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet to middle miocene global change98-11877 GO-054-A
MarshBruceThe ferrar magmatic mush column system, Dry Valleys, Antarctica98-14332 GO-056-O
MullinsJerryAntarctic mapping, geodesy, geospatial data, satellite image mapping and Antarctic Resource Center management02-33246 GO-052-M
RennePaulCalibration of cosmogenic argon production rates in Antarctica01-25194 GO-064-O
SimsKennethU-Series (uranium-series) isotopic constraints on the rates of magma genesis evolution and degassing at Mt. Erebus, Antarctica01-26269 GO-085-O
TaylorFrederickThe Scotia Arc GPS Project: Focus on the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands01-26472 GO-080-L
WiensDouglasA broadband seismic experiment to investigate deep continental structure across the East-West Antarctic boundary99-09603 GO-089-M