2002-2003 Science Planning Summary


Dr. Julie Palais, Program Manager

Table of Contents

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United States component of the International Trans Antarctic Expedition (US ITASE)
PI Last NamePI First NameProject TitleNSF/OPP Award #Event #
AlbertMaryU.S. ITASE: Snow and firn microstructure and transport properties98-14676 IU-155-O
AnandakrishnanSridharCharacterizing the onset of ice stream flow: A ground geophysical program00-86297 IO-205-O
ArconeStevenU.S. ITASE: High resolution radar profiling of the snow and ice stratigraphy beneath the ITASE traverses98-14589 IU-311-O
BalesRogerU.S. ITASE: Hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, and sub-annual snow accumulation in West Antarctica98-14810 IU-158-O
ConwayHowardWestern Divide WAISCORES site selection00-87345 IO-209-O
CuffeyKurtDynamics and climatic response of the Taylor Glacier system01-25579 IO-161-O
HallBrendaMillennial-scale fluctuations of Dry Valleys lakes: A test of regional climate variability and the interhemispheric (a)synchrony of climate change.01-24014 IO-196-M
HallBrendaAMS Radiocarbon Chronology of Glacier Fluctuations in South Shetland Islands during Glacial/Interglacial Hemicycle: Implications Antarctica's Role in Global Climate Change01-24014 IO-194-E
HamiltonGordonU.S. ITASE: Mass balance and accumulation rate along US ITASE routes98-15510 IU-178-O
JacobelRobertU.S. ITASE: Radar studies of internal stratigraphy and bedrock topography along the traverse98-14574 IU-133-O
MayewskiPaulU.S. ITASE: Science management for the United States component of the International Trans Antarctic Expedition97-25057 IU-153-A
MayewskiPaulU.S. ITASE: Glaciochemistry98-11857 IU-153-B
McConnellJosephU.S. ITASE: Deposition of the HFC degradation product trifluoroacetate in antarctic snow and ice00-87776 IU-323-O
MeeseDebraU.S. ITASE: The physical properties of the U.S. ITASE ice cores99-80434 IU-185-O
ScambosTheodoreCharacteristics of snow megadunes and their potential effects on ice core interpretation01-25570 IO-186-O
SteigEricU.S. ITASE: Stable isotope studies at West Antarctic ITASE sites99-04947 IU-193-O