2002-2003 Science Planning Summary

Major Field Camps
Supported by McMurdo Station

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Four USAP-supported Antarctic deep-field camps will be used by McMurdo-based researchers.  
  Byrd Surface Camp 80 05' S, 119 32' W  

This camp is the staging area for the U.S. component of the International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition (U.S. ITASE) traverse. Support contractor personnel will open and staff the camp while the traverse equipment is de-winterized and prepared for the traverse. The camp will close after the traverse departs for South Pole. Three members of the support contractor staff will accompany the traverse team.

Later in the season, Ian Dalziel (GO-087-O) and Charles Stearns (OO-283-O) will work at the site for short periods. Howard Conway (IO-209-O) will put in at the site to begin a traverse. All three groups will use tent camps rather than the existing camp structures.

  Onset D Camp 80 45' S, 125 45' W  

This season, Sridar Anandakrishnan (IO-205-O) will use the Onset D camp. Five resident contractor staff members will operate the camp.

  TAMSEIS Camp 81 41' S, 122 26' E  

"TAM Camp," staffed by three resident contractor staff members, will support two groups this season:

Douglas Weins (GO-089-O) will use the camp as a logistical hub and refueling point for extensive Twin Otter operations inspecting and servicing an array of seismic instruments

Ted Scambos (IO-186-O) will use TAM Camp for altitude acclimatization before deploying to a remote tent camp.

  Siple Dome 81 39' S, 149 04' W  

Siple Dome will support Ian Dalziel (GO-087-O) and will serve as a potential refueling site and diversionary landing site for fixed-wing aircraft.

At the end of the season, three resident contractor staff members will decommission the camp and retrograde materials left on-site from previous seasons.



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