2003-2004 Field Season

McMurdo Station Air Operations


  McMurdo-based aircraft (Helicopters, Twin Otter and LC-130 fixed-wing aircraft) will continue to support USAP researchers and program logistical functions.  

Petroleum Helicopters Inc. (PHI) will provide helicopter support with four helicopters (two AS-350-B2 “A-Stars” and two Bell 212s) based out of McMurdo station. They will support researches in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Royal Society Range and on Ross Island.




New York Air National Guard will provide re-supply and research support to South Pole Station. They will support research activities at Siple Dome, Byrd Surface Camp, TAMSEIS Camp, Megadunes Camp, Beardmore Glacier Camp, Moody Nunatak Camp, and Mount Moulton.



Twin Otter aircraft, operated by Kenn Borek Air will be used by a number of projects throughout the USAP area of operations.