2004-2005 USAP Field Season

Projects Sorted by Event Number Digits

PI Last NamePI First NameAwardProject TitleEvent #
002KieneRonaldNSF/OPP Award 02-30497Impact of solar radiation and nutrients on biogeochemical cycling of DMSP and DMS in the Ross Sea B-002-N
003DayThomasNSF/OPP Award 02-30579Response of terrestrial ecosystems along the Antarctic Peninsula to a changing climate B-003-P
005DeVriesArthurNSF/OPP Award 02-31006Antifreeze proteins in antarctic fishes: Integrated studies of freezing environments and organismal freezing avoidance, protein-structure and mechanism, genes and evolution B-005-M
006ManahanDonalNSF/OPP Award 01-30398Energetics of protein metabolism during development of antarctic echinoderms B-006-M
009GarrottRobertNSF/OPP Award 02-25110Patterns and processes: Dynamics of the Erebus Bay Weddell seal population B-009-M
010KimStacyNSF/OPP Award 01-26319Community dynamics in a polar ecosystem: Benthic recovery from organic enrichment in the Antarctic B-010-M
011UhleMariaNSF/OPP Award 02-30237Biogeochemistry of Victoria Land coastal ponds: Role in terrestrial ecosystem organic carbon dynamics and structure B-011-M
013FraserWilliamNSF/OPP Award 02-17282Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) on the antarctic marine ecosystem: Climate migration, ecosystem response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment (seabird component) B-013-L/P
015BowserSamuelNSF/OPP Award 02-16043Remotely operable micro environmental observatory for antarctic marine biology research B-015-M
016VernetMariaNSF/OPP Award 02-17282Palmer Long Term Ecological Research Project (PLTER): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment. B-016-L/P
021MartinsonDouglasNSF/OPP Award 02-17282Palmer Long Term Ecological Research Project (PLTER): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment. B-021-L
027DyeTimothyNSF/OPP Award 01-25893Culture and health in Antarctica: Year 3 B-027-M
028Ross-QuetinRobinNSF/OPP Award 02-17282Palmer Long Term Ecological Research Project (PLTER): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment. B-028-L/P
029MarshAdamNSF/OPP Award 02-38281CAREER: Genomic networks for cold-adaptation in embryos of polar marine invertebrates B-029-M
031AinleyDavidNSF/OPP Award 01-25608Geographic structure of Adélie penguin populations: Demography of population expansion B-031-M
032SmithRaymondNSF/OPP Award 02-17282Palmer Long Term Ecological Research Project (PLTER): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment. B-032-L/P
033LangeAndrewNSF/OPP Award 02-30438Background Imaging Of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization (BICEP) A-033-S
034EmslieStevenNSF/OPP Award 01-25098Occupation history and diet of Adélie penguins in the Ross Sea region B-034-M
036SidellBruceNSF/OPP Award 01-25890Cold body temperature as an evolutionary shaping force in the physiology of antarctic fishes. B-036-L/P
038BlanchetteRobertNSF/OPP Award 02-29570Investigations on deterioration in the historic huts of Antarctica B-038-E/M
040TrivelpieceWayneNSF/OPP Award 01-25985Foraging behavior and demography of Pygoscelis penguins B-040-E
045DucklowHughNSF/OPP Award 02-17282Palmer Long Term Ecological Research Project (PLTER): Climate migration, ecological response and teleconnections in an ice-dominated environment. B-045-L/P
047SmithWalkerNSF/OPP Award 00-87401Interannual Variability in the Antarctic-Ross Sea (IVARS): Nutrients and seasonal production B-047-M
052MullinsJerryNSF/OPP Award 02-33246Geodesy and geospatial data program G-052-M/P/S
054MarchantDavidNSF/OPP Award 03-38291Age, origin, and climatic significance of buried ice in the western Dry Valleys G-054-M
056MarshBruceNSF/OPP Award 02-29306Magmatism in the Dry Valleys: A workshop G-056-M
058HarveyRalphNSF/OPP Award 99-80452The Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) G-058-M
071StockJoannNSF/OPP Award 03-38317Collection of marine geophysical data on transits of the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer G-071-N
076PutkonenJaakkoNSF/OPP Award 03-38224Stability of landscapes and ice sheets in Dry Valleys: A systematic study of exposure ages of soils and surface deposits G-076-M
078KemeraitRobertNSF/DOD agreementDry Valley seismic project G-078-M
079WilsonTerryNSF/OPP Award 02-30285Transantarctic Mountains deformation network: GPS measurements of neotectonic motion in the antarctic interior G-079-M
081KylePhilipNSF/OPP Award 02-29305Mount Erebus Volcano Observatory and Laboratory (MEVOL) G-081-M
083AndersonJohnNSF/OPP Award 01-25922SHALDRIL: A demonstration drilling cruise to the James Ross Basin G-083-N
086NaveenRonNSF/OPP Award 02-30069Long-term data collection at select Antarctic Peninsula visitor sites B-086-E
090ButlerRhettNSF/EAR (Division of Earth Sciences) 00-04370Global seismograph station at Palmer and South Pole stations G-090-P/S
100Fraser-SmithAntonyNSF/OPP Award 01-38126The operation of an ELF/VLF radiometer at Arrival Heights A-100-M
102EngebretsonMarkNSF/OPP Award 02-33169Conjugate studies of ULF waves and magnetospheric dynamics using ground-based induction magnetometers at four high-latitude manned sites A-102-M/S
103CaldwellDouglasNSF/OPP Award 01-26313A search for extrasolar planets from the South Pole A-103-S
104MendeStephenNSF/OPP Award 02-30428Dayside auroral imaging at South Pole A-104-S
108InanUmranNSF/OPP Award 00-93381A VLF beacon transmitter at South Pole (2001-2004) A-108-S
110HernandezGonzaloNSF/OPP Award 02-29251Austral high-latitude atmospheric dynamics A-110-M/S
111WeatherwaxAllanNSF/OPP Award 03-38105Studies of the polar ionosphere and magnetosphere from measurements in Antarctica and conjugate regions A-111-M/S
112WeatherwaxAllanNSF/OPP Award 03-41470Polar Experiment Network for Geospace Upper-atmosphere Investigations (PENGUIN): A new vision for global studies A-112-M
114HollibaughJamesNSF/OPP Award 02-34249Distribution and ecology of ammonia oxidizing bacteria in the Palmer LTER study area B-114-L/P
117EjiriMasakiUS/Japan agreementAll-sky imager at South Pole A-117-S
120BieberJohnNSF/ATM (Division of Atmospheric Sciences) 00-00315Solar and heliospheric studies with antarctic cosmic rays A-120-M/S
123BessonDaveNSF/OPP Award 03-38219RICE - Radio Ice Cherenkov Experiment A-123-S
129SivjeeGulamabasNSF/OPP Award 03-37618The antarctic investigations of upper atmospheric disturbances over the South Pole Station A-129-S
130MorseRobertNSF/OPP Award 03-37726AMANDA 2004 (Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array) A-130-S
131DeshlerTerryNSF/OPP Award 02-30424Measurements addressing quantitative ozone loss, polar stratospheric cloud nucleation, and large polar stratospheric particles during austral winter and spring A-131-M
135WilcockWilliamNSF/OPP Award 02-30094High-resolution seismic tomography and earthquake monitoring at Deception Island volcano G-135-E
136LessardMarcNSF/OPP Award 01-32576A proposal for the measurement and analysis of extremely low frequency waves at South Pole Station A-136-S
137SeoEun-SukNSF/NASA agreementCosmic Ray Energetics And Mass (CREAM) A-137-M
139HalletBernardNSF/OPP Award 02-30338Mechanics of dry-land calving of ice cliffs I-139-M
140MitchellJohnNSF/NASA agreementBalloon-borne Experiment with a Superconducting Spectrometer (BESS) A-140-M
141HoltJohnNSF/OPP Award 02-30197Airborne Geophysical survey of the Amundsen Sea Embayment, Antarctica (AGASEA) I-141-M
144ParksGeorgeNSF/OPP Award 02-30441Balloon observations of MeV electron precipitation A-144-E
145SteppBillNSF/NASA agreementLong Duration Balloon (LDB) program A-145-M
175StoneJohnNSF/OPP Award 02-21394Late Quaternary history of Reedy Glacier I-175-M/S
187BornsHaroldNSF/OPP Award 03-38189West antarctic ice sheet stability I-187-M
190MacAyealDouglasNSF/OPP Award 02-29546Collaborative research of Earth's largest icebergs I-190-M
191KreutzKarlNSF/OPP Award 02-28052Dry Valleys Late Holocene climate variability I-191-M
195PriscuJohnNSF/MCB (Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences) 02-37335Microbial diversity and function in the permanently ice-covered lakes of the Dry Valleys B-195-M
197PonganisPaulNSF/OPP Award 02-29638Diving physiology and behavior of Emperor penguins B-197-M
198FraserWilliamNSF/OPP Award 02-17282Monitoring the effects of tourism and environmental variability on Adélie penguins at Palmer Station B-198-P
199CastelliniMichaelNSF/OPP Award 01-30417Effects of foraging on the lipid biochemistry of freely diving Weddell seals B-199-M
200JeffreyWadeNSF/OPP Award 01-27022Interactive effects of UV and vertical mixing on phytoplankton and bacterial productivity of Ross Sea Phaeocystis bloom B-200-N
201WarrenStephenNSF/OPP Award 00-03826Solar radiation on the East Antarctic Plateau O-201-M
202StearnsCharlesNSF/OPP Award 01-26262Antarctic Meteorological Research Center 2002-2005 (AMRC) O-202-M/P/S
203NealePatrickNSF/OPP Award 01-27037Interactive effects of UV and vertical mixing on phytoplankton and bacterioplankton in the Ross Sea B-203-N
204KeelingRalphNSF/ATM (Division of Atmospheric Sciences) 00-00923A study of atmospheric oxygen variability in relation to annual to decadal variations in terrestrial and marine ecosystems O-204-P/S
205AnandakrishnanSridharNSF/OPP Award 02-29629Tidal modulation of ice stream flow I-205-M
206GoesJoaquimNSF/OPP Award 01-26150Ultraviolet radiation induced changes in the patterns of production and biochemical composition of antarctic marine phytoplankton B-206-N
207GastRebeccaNSF/OPP Award 01-25833Comparative and quantitative studies of protistan molecular ecology and physiology in coastal antarctic waters B-207-N
214TakahashiTaroNSF/OPP Award 03-38248Processes driving spatial and temporal variability of surface PCO2 in the Drake Passage O-214-L
215GordonArnoldNSF/OPP Award 01-25172ANSLOPE: Cross slope exchanges at the antarctic slope front O-215-N
217Arthus-BertrandYannArtist/Writer ProgramMission Antarctica W-217-M
218RogersSusan FoxArtist/Writer ProgramAntarctic Anthology W-218-M/S
219GlasbergElenaArtist/Writer ProgramEnd as beginning: An American antarctic imaginary W-219-M/S
220NutterJudithArtist/Writer ProgramTime, place, and imagination: Images and poems from Antarctica W-220-P
221SamarasConnieArtist/Writer ProgramVast active living intelligence system: Photographing the South Pole W-221-S
223WalkerGabrielleArtist/Writer ProgramAntarctica: The biography of a continent W-223-M
239HildebrandJohnNSF/OPP Award 99-10007Mysticete whale acoustic census in the GLOBEC west antarctic project area B-239-L
251AvalloneLinneaNSF/OPP Award 04-11437In situ measurements of halogen oxides in the Troposphere O-251-M
255MurcrayFrankNSF/OPP Award 02-30370Infrared measurements of atmospheric composition over Antarctica A-255-M/S
256LeeRichardNSF/OPP Award 03-37656Physiological and molecular mechanisms of stress tolerance in a polar insect B-256-P
257HofmannDavidNSF/NOAA agreementSouth Pole monitoring for climatic change: US Department of Commerce NOAA climate monitoring and diagnostic laboratory O-257-S
259LyonsW. BerryNSF/OPP Award 02-29836Soil biodiversity and response to climate change: A regional comparison of Cape Hallett and Taylor Valley B-259-M
260SprintallJanetNSF/OPP Award 00-03618The Drake Passage high density XBT / XCTD program O-260-L
264HofmannDavidNSF/NOAA agreementCollection of atmospheric air for the NOAA/CMDL worldwide flask sampling network O-264-P
266KieberDavidNSF/OPP Award 02-30499Impact of solar radiation and nutrients on biogeochemical cycling of DMSP and DMS in the Ross Sea B-266-N
268GooseffMichaelNSF/OPP Award 03-38267Hydrologic controls over biogeochemistry and microbial community structure and function across terrestrial/aquatic interfaces in a polar desert B-268-M
271EmersonStevenNSF/OCE (Division of Ocean Sciences) 02-42139Tracers of biological productivity and gas exchange O-271-L
275SandersonColinNSF/DOE agreementRemote Atmospheric Measurements Program (RAMP) of the University of Miami / U.S. Department of Energy's Environmental Measurements Lab O-275-P/S
277FrickerHelenNSF/OPP Award 03-37838Monitoring an active rift system at the front of Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica I-277-E
280ThieleDeborahInternational Whaling CommissionInternational Whaling Commission Southern Ocean Collaboration Program: Cetacean ecology, acoustic detection and sea ice habitat B-280-N
281HalanychKennethNSF/OPP Award 03-38218Relevance of planktonic larval dispersal to endemism and biogeography of antarctic benthic invertebrates B-281-L
283StearnsCharlesNSF/OPP Award 03-38147Antarctic Automatic Weather Station (AWS) program 2004-2006 O-283-M/P/S
284PaloScottNSF/ATM (Division of Atmospheric Sciences) 03-36946Dynamics of the antarctic MLT region using ground-based radar and TIMED instrumentation A-284-S
289PitmanRobertNSF/OPP Award 03-38428Genetic and photogrammetric investigations of three ecotypes of Killer whales in the southern Ross Sea B-289-M
292BlakeJamesNSF/OPP Award 00-86665Origin and evolution of antarctic and deep-sea macroinfauna: Systematics and reproductive patterns of polychaetes B-292-E
295JohnsBjornNSF/EAR (Division of Earth Sciences) 03-21760UNAVCO Geodetic GPS Support G-295-M
300ChinYu-PingNSF/OPP Award 03-38260Biogeochemistry of dissolved organic material in Pony Lake, Ross Island B-300-M
306InanUmranNSF/OPP Award 02-33955Global thunderstorm activity and its effects on the radiation belts and the lower Ionosphere A-306-P
307KremerPatriciaNSF/OPP Award 03-38290Salpa thompsoni in the Southern Ocean: Bioenergetics, population dynamics and biogeochemical impact. B-307-L
310WardBessNSF/OPP Award 02-30276What limits denitrification and bacterial growth in Lake Bonney, Taylor Valley? B-310-M
314HansenAnthonyNSF/DBI (Division of Biological Infrastructure) 01-19793Solar / wind powered instrumentation module development for polar environmental research O-314-M
315FiringEricNSF/OPP Award 03-38103Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling (ADCP) on R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer O-315-N
316DempseyJohnNSF/OPP Award 03-38226Physics and mechanics of the breakup of warm antarctic sea ice: In-situ experiments and modeling O-316-M
317ChereskinTeresaNSF/OPP Award 03-38103Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling (ADCP) on R/V Laurence M. Gould O-317-L
321PalinkasLawrenceNSF/OPP Award 00-90343Prevention of environment-induced decrements in mood and cognitive performance B-321-M/S
330ConradPamelaNASA ASTEP (Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets) 02-0040-0014SPISE3: A non-contact instrument suite for rapid detection of chemical biosignatures B-330-M
333HalzenFrancisNSF/OPP Award 02-36449, 03-31873IceCube A-333-S
345TulaczykSlawekNSF/OPP Award 03-38295Is Kamb Ice Stream restarting? Glaciological investigations of the bulge-trunk transition on Kamb Ice Stream, West Antarctica I-345-M
355Cole-DaiJihongNSF/OPP Award 03-37933Investigating atmospheric chemistry through oxygen and sulfur isotopes in volcanic sulfate from South Pole ice cores I-355-S
357ZestaEftyhiaNSF/OPP Award 03-41861Extending the South American Meridional B-field Array (SAMBA) to auroral latitudes in Antarctica A-357-P
362LessardMarcNSF/OPP Award 02-16279Development of an Autonomous Real-time Remote Observatory (ARRO) A-362-S
366ChurchSarahNSF/OPP Award 03-38138Next generation CMB polarization measurements with the QUEST experiment on DASI A-366-S
369BristowWilliamNSF/OPP Award 03-37635South Pole SuperDARN (Super Dual Auroral Radar Network) A-369-S
371StarkAntonyNSF/OPP Award 01-26090Continued operation of the Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and Remote Observatory (AST/RO) A-371-S
375PetersonJeffreyNSF/OPP Award 03-42448PAST: The Primeval Structure Telescope A-375-S
377StaceyGordonNSF/OPP Award 00-94605Wide-field imaging spectroscopy in the submillimeter: Deploying SPIFI on AST/RO A-377-S
378HolzapfelWilliamNSF/OPP Award 02-32009High resolution observations of the CMB with ACBAR A-378-S
379CarlstromJohnNSF/OPP Award 01-30612South Pole observations to test cosmological models A-379-S
420LyonsW. BerryNSF/OPP Award 98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) B-420-M
421McKnightDianeNSF/OPP Award 98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) B-421-M
422PriscuJohnNSF/OPP Award 98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) B-422-M
423VirginiaRossNSF/OPP Award 98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) B-423-M
424WallDianaNSF/OPP Award 98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) B-424-M
425FountainAndrewNSF/OPP Award 98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) B-425-M
426DoranPeterNSF/OPP Award 98-10219McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER (Long Term Ecological Research) B-426-M
518KennicuttMahlonSGER (Small Grant for Exploratory Research)Temporal variability in natural and anthropogenic disturbance of McMurdo Station B-518-M