2004-2005 USAP Field Season

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Event #AwardPI Last NamePI First NameProject Title
A-123-SNSF/OPP Award 03-38219BessonDaveRICE - Radio Ice Cherenkov Experiment
A-120-M/SNSF/ATM (Division of Atmospheric Sciences) 00-00315BieberJohnSolar and heliospheric studies with antarctic cosmic rays
A-369-SNSF/OPP Award 03-37635BristowWilliamSouth Pole SuperDARN (Super Dual Auroral Radar Network)
G-090-P/SNSF/EAR (Division of Earth Sciences) 00-04370ButlerRhettGlobal seismograph station at Palmer and South Pole stations
A-103-SNSF/OPP Award 01-26313CaldwellDouglasA search for extrasolar planets from the South Pole
A-379-SNSF/OPP Award 01-30612CarlstromJohnSouth Pole observations to test cosmological models
A-366-SNSF/OPP Award 03-38138ChurchSarahNext generation CMB polarization measurements with the QUEST experiment on DASI
I-355-SNSF/OPP Award 03-37933Cole-DaiJihongInvestigating atmospheric chemistry through oxygen and sulfur isotopes in volcanic sulfate from South Pole ice cores
A-117-SUS/Japan agreementEjiriMasakiAll-sky imager at South Pole
A-102-M/SNSF/OPP Award 02-33169EngebretsonMarkConjugate studies of ULF waves and magnetospheric dynamics using ground-based induction magnetometers at four high-latitude manned sites
A-333-SNSF/OPP Award 02-36449, 03-31873HalzenFrancisIceCube
A-110-M/SNSF/OPP Award 02-29251HernandezGonzaloAustral high-latitude atmospheric dynamics
O-257-SNSF/NOAA agreementHofmannDavidSouth Pole monitoring for climatic change: US Department of Commerce NOAA climate monitoring and diagnostic laboratory
A-378-SNSF/OPP Award 02-32009HolzapfelWilliamHigh resolution observations of the CMB with ACBAR
A-108-SNSF/OPP Award 00-93381InanUmranA VLF beacon transmitter at South Pole (2001-2004)
O-204-P/SNSF/ATM (Division of Atmospheric Sciences) 00-00923KeelingRalphA study of atmospheric oxygen variability in relation to annual to decadal variations in terrestrial and marine ecosystems
A-033-SNSF/OPP Award 02-30438LangeAndrewBackground Imaging Of Cosmic Extragalactic Polarization (BICEP)
A-136-SNSF/OPP Award 01-32576LessardMarcA proposal for the measurement and analysis of extremely low frequency waves at South Pole Station
A-362-SNSF/OPP Award 02-16279LessardMarcDevelopment of an Autonomous Real-time Remote Observatory (ARRO)
A-104-SNSF/OPP Award 02-30428MendeStephenDayside auroral imaging at South Pole
A-130-SNSF/OPP Award 03-37726MorseRobertAMANDA 2004 (Antarctic Muon and Neutrino Detector Array)
A-255-M/SNSF/OPP Award 02-30370MurcrayFrankInfrared measurements of atmospheric composition over Antarctica
B-321-M/SNSF/OPP Award 00-90343PalinkasLawrencePrevention of environment-induced decrements in mood and cognitive performance
A-284-SNSF/ATM (Division of Atmospheric Sciences) 03-36946PaloScottDynamics of the antarctic MLT region using ground-based radar and TIMED instrumentation
A-375-SNSF/OPP Award 03-42448PetersonJeffreyPAST: The Primeval Structure Telescope
W-221-SArtist/Writer ProgramSamarasConnieVast active living intelligence system: Photographing the South Pole
O-275-P/SNSF/DOE agreementSandersonColinRemote Atmospheric Measurements Program (RAMP) of the University of Miami / U.S. Department of Energy's Environmental Measurements Lab
A-129-SNSF/OPP Award 03-37618SivjeeGulamabasThe antarctic investigations of upper atmospheric disturbances over the South Pole Station
A-377-SNSF/OPP Award 00-94605StaceyGordonWide-field imaging spectroscopy in the submillimeter: Deploying SPIFI on AST/RO
A-371-SNSF/OPP Award 01-26090StarkAntonyContinued operation of the Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and Remote Observatory (AST/RO)
A-111-M/SNSF/OPP Award 03-38105WeatherwaxAllanStudies of the polar ionosphere and magnetosphere from measurements in Antarctica and conjugate regions