2012-2013 Science Planning Summaries
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Collaborative Research: The seasonal dynamics of CO2, primary production, and DMS in the Western Antarctic Peninsula - Measurements of pools and processes using mass spectrometry

Program Manager:
Dr. Diana Nemergut


ASC POC/Implementer:
Samina Ouda / Philip Spindler

Dr. Francois M Morel (Principal Investigator)

Princeton University
Department of Geosciences
Princeton, New Jersey

Supporting Stations:  Palmer Station
Research Locations:  Palmer Lab / Local boating area

Project Description:
This project has three primary research objectives: (1) Understand the seasonal cycle of surface ocean gas concentrations and biological productivity in the waters adjacent to Palmer Station using high resolution time-series measurements with membrane inlet mass spectrometry. (2) Quantify the dominant rate processes that produce and consume dimethylsulfide (DMS) in surface waters of the West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) using isotopically-labeled tracer experiments. (3) Examine the potential sensitivity of primary productivity and carbon and S cycling to changes in surface water pCO2, temperature and irradiance regimes. This last objective will be met through sampling and process studies with natural plantkonic assemblages over the seasonal cycle, and through controlled incubation experiments.

Field Season Overview:
A rotating group of two or three field team members will deploy to Palmer Station for an overall occupation of about six months between October and March. The project will provide its specialized research equipment and utilize other standard laboratory facilities available at the station. They will use Zodiacs for periodic sampling of waters close to the main laboratory.

Deploying Team Members:

  • Elizabeth Asher
  • John Dacey (Co-PI)
  • Johanna Goldman
  • Sven Kranz
  • Philippe Tortell (Co-PI)
  • Jodi Young

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