2012-2013 Science Planning Summaries
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Wondering Gondwana

Program Manager:
Mr. Peter West


ASC POC/Implementer:
Elizabeth Watson / Jessica Jenkins

Ms. Larissa Min (Principal Investigator)
http://www.breakingenglish.orgExternal Non U.S. Government Site

Seattle, Washington

Supporting Stations:  McMurdo Station
Research Locations:  Cape Royds / Lower Erebus Hut / McMurdo Dry Valleys / South Pole day trip / WAIS Divide Field Camp

Project Description:
By juxtaposing a non-fictional narrative of scientists working in Antarctica with the experiences of a fictional girl living in poverty in the Amazon, Ms. Min will explore Antarctica from a developing world's perspective. Like the people belonging to these ecosystems, the regions themselves are interlinked and interdependent in many ways, yet they occupy different functions in the world – one a place of scientific exploration and wonder, the other a place of development, extraction and capitalization. Using both words and imagery, the artist will place both regions and realities in relationship to each other, thus contrasting differences and revealing connections. With this project, Ms Min hopes to reframe how people understand and perceive places and people formerly part of one Gondwana. Ultimately, she will explore and share with audiences how these regions and "poles of experiences” are affected by the human capacity to imagine them, and the eventual impact those imaginings (or lack thereof) have in the state of the world.

Field Season Overview:
This project will take the artist to several field camps in various places in Antarctica to accrue first-hand impressions and experiences, and to observe and interact with science teams. She will gather materials and record observations using writing, photography, audio, and video. From these source materials Ms Min will construct a creative narrative of Antarctica and its scientific pursuits.

Deploying Team Members:

  • Larissa Min (PI)

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