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Institution Comments have been sorted by this column in descending order Event No. Principal Investigator
Alabama Birmingham, University of B-027-P McClintock, James
Alabama Tuscaloosa, University of G-061-M Hansen, Samantha
Alaska Fairbanks, University of A-369-M/S Bristow, William
Alaska Fairbanks, University of B-470-M Mellish, Jo-Ann
Arctic Research Consortium Y-606-M Warburton, Janet
Arizona Tucson, University of A-364-S Kulesa, Craig
Augsburg College A-102-M/S Engebretson, Mark
Boston University G-054-M Marchant, David
California Institute of Technology A-356-S Moore, Anna
California Irvine, University of A-127-M Barwick, Steven
California San Diego, University of O-317-L/N Chereskin, Teresa
California Santa Barbara, University of B-134-M Hofmann, Gretchen
California Santa Barbara, University of G-064-M Cottle, John
California Santa Cruz, University of B-232-M Costa, Daniel
California Santa Cruz, University of C-525-M Schwartz, Susan
California Santa Cruz, University of B-225-M Koch, Paul
Case Western Reserve University G-057-M Harvey, Ralph
Case Western Reserve University G-058-M Harvey, Ralph
Chicago, University of A-379-S Carlstrom, John
Colorado Boulder, University of C-514-E Scambos, Theodore
Colorado Boulder, University of O-324-M Kalnajs, Lars
Colorado Boulder, University of O-240-M Cassano, John
Colorado Boulder, University of O-233-M Helmig, Detlev
Colorado Boulder, University of O-242-E Leonard, Katherine
Colorado State University C-507-M Wall, Diana
Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility A-145-M Stepp, Bill
Columbia University C-021-L Martinson, Doug
Columbia University O-261-N Yuan, Xiaojun
Dartmouth College A-128-S LaBelle, James
Dartmouth College A-125-S LaBelle, James
Dartmouth College O-263-M Obbard, Rachel
Delaware, University of A-120-M Bieber, John
Delaware, University of A-118-S Evenson, Paul
Desert Research Institute I-477-M Taylor, Kendrick
Duke University O-405-L Cassar, Nicolas
East Carolina University O-176-L/P Corbett, David
Georgia Institute of Technology B-259-M Schmidt, Britney
H.T. Harvey & Associates B-031-M Ainley, David
H.T. Harvey & Associates B-042-M Ainley, David
Harvard University A-039-S Kovac, John
Hawaii Manoa, University of O-317-L/N Firing, Eric
Illinois Urbana, University of B-010-L/M/P Cheng, Chi-Hing Christina
J. Craig Venter Institute B-394-M Allen, Andrew
Kansas Lawrence, University of I-351-M Stearns, Leigh
Kansas Lawrence, University of G-496-M Taylor, Edith
Louisiana State University Baton Rouge C-511-M Doran, Peter
Maine, University of I-173-M Mayewski, Paul
Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) B-228-P Amaral Zettler, Linda
Miami University B-247-M Morgan-Kiss, Rachael
Miami, University of O-309-N Hansell, Dennis
Minnesota, University of T-434-M Morin, Paul
Minnesota, University of A-146-M Hanany, Shaul
Montana State University Bozeman B-009-M Rotella, Jay
Montana State University Bozeman C-505-M Priscu, John
Montana State University Bozeman C-523-M Priscu, John
National Aeronautics and Space Administration T-927-M Thoman, Bruce
National Aeronautics and Space Administration T-966-M Comberiate, Mike
National Aeronautics and Space Administration C-407-M Bindschadler, Robert
National Aeronautics and Space Administration B-302-M McKay, Christopher
National Aeronautics and Space Administration A-142-M Mitchell, John
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration O-214-L Sweeney, Colm
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration B-006-N Watters, George
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration X-592-E Dolk, Shaun
Nebraska Lincoln, University of C-524-M Rack, Frank
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology T-299-M Carpenter, Paul
New Mexico, University of B-330-M Takacs-Vesbach, Cristina
Northern Illinois University C-522-M Powell, Ross
Oceanites, Inc. B-044-E Naveen, Ron
Ohio State University C-509-M Lyons, W. Berry
Oregon State University B-004-M Thurber, Andrew
Oregon State University I-311-M Clark, Peter
Pennsylvania, University of A-147-M Devlin, Mark
Portland State University B-308-M Buckley, Bradley
Portland State University C-504-M Fountain, Andrew
Princeton University B-003-P Morel, Francois
Princeton University A-103-S Romalis, Michael
Rhode Island, University of B-014-N Durbin, Edward
Rutgers University C-019-L/P Schofield, Oscar
San Jose State University B-174-M Kim, Stacy
Scripps Institution of Oceanography O-260-L Sprintall, Janet
Scripps Institution of Oceanography G-439-M Staudigel, Hubert
Scripps Institution of Oceanography B-197-M Ponganis, Paul
Scripps Institution of Oceanography B-464-N Kooyman, Gerald
Scripps Institution of Oceanography O-314-M Lubin, Dan
Siena College A-111-M/S Weatherwax, Allan
Siena College A-112-M Weatherwax, Allan
South Carolina, University of G-432-E Barbeau, David
Stanford University A-336-P Gill, John
Stanford University B-018-P Bench, Shelley
Texas A & M University B-518-M Kennicutt, Mahlon
Texas Austin, University of G-080-M Levy, Joseph
Texas Austin, University of G-098-M Blankenship, Donald
Texas Austin, University of G-084-M Levy, Joseph
Texas Austin, University of G-099-M Young, Duncan
UNAVCO T-295-M Pettit, Joseph
United States Geological Survey G-090-P/S Anderson, Kent
United States Geological Survey G-090-P/S Anderson, Kent
University at Albany O-278-N Miller, Scott
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, UCAR/NCAR A-132-P Wu, Qian
US Army Cold Regions Research & Engineering Lab T-940-M Melendy, Renee
Washington, University of A-110-M/S Hernandez, Gonzalo
Washington, University of I-209-M Conway, Howard
Washington, University of I-210-M Conway, Howard
Washington, University of I-414-M Stone, John
Washington, University of O-254-L Emerson, Steven
Washington, University of O-201-E Warren, Stephen
Wisconsin Madison, University of T-350-M Bentley, Charles
Wisconsin Madison, University of A-333-S Halzen, Francis
Wisconsin Madison, University of A-107-S Karle, Albrecht
Wisconsin Madison, University of O-283-M Lazzara, Matthew
Wisconsin Madison, University of G-239-P Bockheim, James
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution O-124-L Ledwell, James
Wyoming, University of G-092-M Sims, Kenneth
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