2012-2013 Science Planning Summaries
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Astrophysics and Geospace Sciences
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Barwick, Steven A-127-M Development of hexagonal radio array for the ARIANNA ultra-high-energy neutrino detector
Bieber, John A-120-M Cosmic ray observations at McMurdo Station
Bristow, William A-369-M/S Antarctic and Conjugate Research using SuperDARN
Carlstrom, John A-379-S Cosmological Research with the 10-meter South Pole Telescope
Devlin, Mark A-147-M Balloon-borne Large Aperture Sub-millimeter Telescope (BLAST-POL)
Engebretson, Mark A-102-M/S Studies of solar wind - Magnetosphere interactions using observations of ULF waves at an extensive ground array at high latitudes
Evenson, Paul A-118-S Element composition of high-energy solar particles
Gill, John A-336-P ELF/VLF observation of whistler-mode waves, lightning discharge, and gamma-ray events from Palmer Station
Halzen, Francis A-333-S Management and operations of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory 2016-2021
Hanany, Shaul A-146-M E & B Experiment (EBEX)
Hernandez, Gonzalo A-110-M/S Austral high-latitude atmospheric dynamics
Karle, Albrecht A-107-S Collaborative Research: MRI-R2 instrument development of the Askaryan Radio Array, a large-scale radio Cherenkov neutrino detector at the South Pole
Kovac, John A-039-S Collaborative Research: BICEP2 and SPUD - A search for inflation with degree-scale polarimetry from the South Pole
Kulesa, Craig A-364-S Continuing operation of the High Elevation Antarctic Terahertz (HEAT) telescope at Ridge A, Antarctica
LaBelle, James A-128-S Outstanding Questions on Auroral Radiation Fine Structure
LaBelle, James A-125-S Application of the AGO network to energy transfer in the radiation belts and remote sensing of auroral plasma processes
Mitchell, John A-142-M Super Trans-Iron Galactic Element Recorder (SuperTIGER)
Moore, Anna A-356-S Analysis of the data from the Gattini Antarctic camera network
Romalis, Michael A-103-S Test of Lorentz invariance at the South Pole
Stepp, Bill A-145-M NASA Long Duration Balloon (LDB) support program
Weatherwax, Allan A-111-M/S Studies of the polar Ionosphere and Magnetosphere from measurements in Antarctica
Weatherwax, Allan A-112-M Polar experiment network for geospace upper-atmosphere investigations: PENGUIn - A high-latitude window to geospace dynamics
Wu, Qian A-132-P Thermospheric neutral wind observation in the Antarctica Peninsula
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