2012-2013 Science Planning Summaries
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Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
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Cassano, John O-240-M Collaborative Research: Ocean-ice-atmosphere interactions in the Terra Nova Bay polynya
Cassar, Nicolas O-405-L Physiological and ecosystem structure forcings on carbon fluxes in the Southern Ocean mixed layer
Chereskin, Teresa O-317-L/N Southern Ocean current observations from the U.S. Antarctic research vessels
Corbett, David O-176-L/P Submarine groundwater and freshwater inputs along the Western Antarctic Peninsula
Emerson, Steven O-254-L Noble gases in the Drake Passage aboard the ARSV Laurence M. Gould
Firing, Eric O-317-L/N Southern Ocean current observations from the U.S. Antarctic research vessels
Hansell, Dennis O-309-N Collaborative Research: TRacing the fate of Algal Carbon Export in the Ross Sea (TRACERS)
Helmig, Detlev O-233-M Reactive gas chemistry in the Dome C snowpack and its influence on surface-layer chemistry and ice-core records
Holland, David O-286-M Collaborative Research: Application of distributed temperature sensors (DTS) for Antarctic ice shelves and cavities
Kalnajs, Lars O-324-M Augmenting the Ross Island-area automatic weather station network to develop a tropospheric ozone climatology
Lazzara, Matthew O-283-M Antarctic Automatic Weather Station program (WinFly Component)
Ledwell, James O-124-L Studies of turbulence and mixing in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, a continuation of DIMES
Leonard, Katherine O-242-E Role of snow distribution processes in Antarctic sea ice mass balance
Lubin, Dan O-314-M Antarctic Cloud Physics: Fundamental Observations from Ross Island
Miller, Scott O-278-N Air-sea fluxes of momentum, heat, and carbon dioxide at high wind speeds in the Southern Ocean
Obbard, Rachel O-263-M Bromide in snow in the sea ice zone
Sprintall, Janet O-260-L The Drake Passage high-density XBT program
Sweeney, Colm O-214-L Investigating biogeochemical fluxes and linkages to climate change with multi-scale observations in the Drake Passage
Warren, Stephen O-201-E Spectral and broadband albedo of Antarctic sea-ice types
Yuan, Xiaojun O-261-N Collaborative Research: Sampling the ocean - sea ice interaction in the Pacific center of the Antarctic Dipole
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