2013-2014 Science Planning Summaries
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Synoptic geospace systems analysis using instrumentation from South Pole and McMurdo Stations

Program Manager:
Dr. Vladimir Papitashvili

Event Number: A-111-M/S

ASC POC/Implementer:
Samina Ouda / Cara Sucher / Paul Sullivan

Dr. Andrew Gerrard (Principal Investigator)

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Department of Physics
Newark, New Jersey

Supporting Stations:  McMurdo Station, South Pole Station
Research Locations:  Arrival Heights / Atmospheric Research Observatory / Cusp Lab

Project Description:
The ionosphere-thermosphere-magnetosphere (ITM) region of Earth's atmosphere, which is part of the larger geospace environment, is the portal through which the solar wind can enter and impact our planetary system. Though space weather research over the past decades has greatly increased our understanding of a wide variety of phenomena associated with ITM physics, the sum of these individual processes occurring in the geospace environment does not replicate the rich diversity and scope of this complex region. Thus, a more holistic approach to ITM research is necessary, one that integrates clustered instrumentation at multiple locations to simultaneously look at the interactions within the entire system. Using coordinated and collaborative instrumentation currently installed in Antarctica, researchers will study interrelated ITM phenomena observed at high latitudes with the goal of better understanding the energy transfer and modulation of the geospace system.

Field Season Overview:
Deploying field team members will conduct a site inspection and identify locations for instrumentation installation during the 2014-15 field season. Two persons will be sent from New Jersey Institue of Technology to test a new data acquisition system at McMurdo Station and inspect siting locations for the ELF and proton magnetometer vault. Two other persons from Kyoto University will inspect the site for the all-sky imager at McMurdo.

Deploying Team Members:

  • Gilbert Jeffer
  • Bob Melville

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Curator: Esther L. Hill PhD, Antarctic Support Contract   |   NSF Official: Alexandra Isern, Office of Polar Programs