2013-2014 Science Planning Summaries
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Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
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Cassar, Nicolas O-405-L Physiological and ecosystem structure forcings on carbon fluxes in the Southern Ocean mixed layer
Corbett, David O-176-L/P Submarine groundwater and freshwater inputs along the Western Antarctic Peninsula
Girton, James O-409-L DIMES finestructure profiling floats: Analysis and enhancement of the EM-APEX array upstream and downstream of Drake Passage
Helmig, Detlev O-233-M Reactive gas chemistry in the Dome C snowpack and its influence on surface-layer chemistry and ice-core records
Lazzara, Matthew O-283-M Antarctic Automatic Weather Station program (WinFly Component)
Ledwell, James O-124-N Studies of turbulence and mixing in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, a continuation of DIMES
Roberts, Gregory O-215-L/P In-situ observations of maritime sources/sinks of aerosol and cloud condensation nuclei at Palmer Station, Antarctica: Portable AERosol Observing System (PAEROS) pilot phase
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