2013-2014 Science Planning Summaries
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002 B-002-N Aronson, Richard
005 B-005-P Kohut, Josh
006 B-006-N Watters, George
009 B-009-M Rotella, Jay
012 B-012-M Carpenter, Edward
018 B-018-P Bench, Shelley
019 C-019-L/P Schofield, Oscar
021 C-021-L Martinson, Doug
031 B-031-M Ainley, David
048 B-048-P Yen, Jeannette
054 G-054-M Marchant, David
058 G-058-M Harvey, Ralph
061 G-061-M Hansen, Samantha
068 B-068-P Saba, Grace
080 G-080-M Levy, Joseph
081 G-081-M Kyle, Phillip
085 G-085-M Swanger, Kate
090 G-090-P/S Anderson, Kent
094 G-094-P Yu, Zicheng
102 A-102-M/S Engebretson, Mark
103 A-103-S Romalis, Michael
118 A-118-S Evenson, Paul
119 A-119-M Taylor, Michael
124 O-124-N Ledwell, James
125 A-125-S LaBelle, James
127 A-127-M Barwick, Steven
128 A-128-S LaBelle, James
132 A-132-P Wu, Qian
134 B-134-M Hofmann, Gretchen
142 A-142-M Mitchell, John
144 A-144-E Millan, Robyn
145 A-145-M Orr, Gerald
146 A-146-M Hanany, Shaul
149 A-149-S Kovac, John
159 I-159-M Petrenko, Vasilii
164 I-164-S Saltzman, Eric
172 I-172-M Talghader, Joseph
176 O-176-L/P Corbett, David
182 G-182-L Lamanna, Matthew
184 I-184-M Aciego, Sarah
185 I-185-M Gogineni, Prasad
188 I-188-M Gogineni, Prasad
189 I-189-M Gogineni, Prasad
196 I-196-M Hall, Brenda
207 B-207-M Todgham, Anne
209 I-209-M Conway, Howard
210 I-210-M Conway, Howard
215 O-215-L/P Roberts, Gregory
225 B-225-M Koch, Paul
233 O-233-M Helmig, Detlev
244 B-244-N Arrigo, Kevin
280 B-280-M Doran, Peter
281 B-281-L Halanych, Kenneth
283 O-283-M Lazzara, Matthew
295 T-295-M Pettit, Joseph
299 T-299-M Carpenter, Paul
330 B-330-M Takacs-Vesbach, Cristina
333 A-333-S Halzen, Francis
356 A-356-S Moore, Anna
364 A-364-S Kulesa, Craig
369 A-369-M/S Bristow, William
370 A-370-S Carlstrom, John
379 A-379-S Carlstrom, John
405 O-405-L Cassar, Nicolas
409 O-409-L Girton, James
434 T-434-M Morin, Paul
489 W-489-P Surgent, April
490 W-490-M Martin, Jennifer
492 W-492-P Comstock, Allyson
504 C-504-M Fountain, Andrew
505 C-505-M Priscu, John
507 C-507-M Wall, Diana
509 C-509-M Lyons, W. Berry
511 C-511-M Doran, Peter
521 C-521-M Tulaczyk, Slawek
524 C-524-M Rack, Frank
525 C-525-M Schwartz, Susan
527 C-527-N Leventer, Amy
528 C-528-M Mikucki, Jill
529 C-529-M Studinger, Michael
530 C-530-M Rack, Frank
927 T-927-M Thoman, Bruce
940 T-940-M Barna, Lynette
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