2017-2018 Science Planning Summaries
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2017-2018 USAP Field Season
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Astrophysics and Geospace Sciences

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Principal Investigator Event No. Project Title
Barwick, Steven A-127-M/S Precision operation of Hexagonal Radio Array (HRA)
Binns, Walter A-142-M Super Trans-Iron Galactic Element Recorder (SuperTIGER)
Bristow, William A-369-M/S Antarctic and conjugate research using SuperDARN
Carlstrom, John A-379-S Cosmological research with the 10-meter South Pole Telescope
Chartier, Alex A-100-M/S Oblique sounding of ionized patches in the Antarctic ionosphere - instrument development and testing
Chu, Xinzhao A-130-M LiDAR investigation of middle and upper atmosphere temperature, composition, chemistry, and dynamics at McMurdo, Antarctica
Chu, Xinzhao A-123-M Simultaneous Na Doppler and Fe Boltzmann LiDAR observations and modeling of the middle and upper atmosphere at McMurdo, Antarctica
Clauer, Robert A-106-S Polar Experiment Network for Geospace Upper-atmosphere Investigations (PENGUIn): Interhemispheric investigations along the 40-degree magnetic meridian
Conde, Mark A-343-M/S High-resolution mapping of thermospheric wind and temperature fields near the equatorward edge of the Antarctic polar cap
Evenson, Paul A-118-S Element composition of high-energy solar particles
Franco, Hugo A-145-M NASA Long Duration Balloon (LDB) support program
Fritts, David A-382-M The PMC-turbo balloon mission to study gravity waves and turbulence through high-resolution imaging of polar mesospheric clouds
Gerrard, Andrew A-111-M/P/S The next generation of geospace research facilities at South Pole and McMurdo Stations
Gerrard, Andrew A-112-M/S Scientific studies from a network of sustainable, robotic observatories across the Antarctic ice shelf: A new approach to polar research
Gorham, Peter A-371-M/S Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna IV (ANITA IV) experiment
Halzen, Francis A-333-S Management and operations of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory 2016-2021
Jefferies, Stuart A-367-S Using gravity waves to probe the solar atmosphere
Karle, Albrecht A-107-S Development of the Askaryan Radio Array ultra-high energy neutrino detector at the South Pole
Kovac, John A-149-S Imaging the beginning of time from the South Pole: The next stage of the BICEP program
Kulesa, Craig A-364-M/S Continuing operation of the High Elevation Antarctic Terahertz (HEAT) telescope at Ridge A, Antarctica
LaBelle, James A-128-S Earth’s electromagnetic environment: Advancing recent discoveries in auroral plasma radio emission research
Palo, Scott A-284-M Lower thermospheric science using new meteor radars at McMurdo Station
Paznukhov, Vadym A-373-P Troposphere-ionosphere coupling via atmospheric gravity waves
Smith, David A-454-M E-MIST (Exposing Microorganisms In the STratosphere)
Taylor, Michael A-119-M/P/S Continental-scale studies of Mesospheric dynamics using the Antarctic Gravity Wave Instrument Network (ANGWIN)
Vieregg, Abigail A-340-S Radio detection of the highest energy neutrinos with a ground-based interferometric phased array
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