2018-2019 Science Planning Summaries
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2018-2019 USAP Field Season
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Principal Investigator Event No. Project Title
Dolk, Shaun X-592-L/N NOAA’s Global Drifter Program (GDP)
Dunbar, Robert O-131-N Estimation of Antarctic ice melt using stable isotopic analyses of seawater
Goehring, Brent C-443-N Geological history constraints on the magnitude of grounding line retreat in the Thwaites Glacier system
Goodell, Jeff V-625-N Thwaites Media Projects
Heywood, Karen C-445-E/N Thwaites-Amundsen Regional Survey and Network (TARSAN) integrating atmosphere-ice-ocean processes affecting the sub-ice-shelf environment
Hummon, Julia T-933-L/N University of Hawaii Data Acquisition System (UHDAS) support
Jenkins, Adrian X-590-N BAS Thwaites Moorings
Koppers, Antonius G-116-N Rio Grande Rise: New questions on plume dynamics, Atlantic tectonic evolution and an important window to the African large-low-shear-wave-velocity provinces (LLSVP)
Larter, Robert C-447-N Stability and instability--records of external drivers and resulting behavior of Thwaites Glacier
Mueller, Elizabeth W-481-N Dispatches from Thwaites Glacier: A creative nonfiction inquiry into ice loss in Antarctica
Thompson, Andrew O-124-N Initiation of the Antarctic slope front in West Antarctica
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