2008-2009 Science Planning Summary
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The Research Vessel LAURENCE M. GOULD docked in Punta Arenas, Chile. Photograph by: Kurtis Burmeister, National Science Foundation
2008-2009 Station Schedules
The United States Antarctic Program operates three permanent research stations on the continent and two research vessels. It also supports work that is not based at any of the stations or on the vessels. Below are the planned season dates and the estimated populations (which are subject to change) of each station and both research vessels.

Station Austral Summer Season Openings Austral Winter
Season Openings
Operational Science
McMurdo Sept. 4, 2008
Sept. 30, 2008
Feb. 23, 2009
South Pole Oct. 23, 2008 Nov. 5, 2008 Feb. 14, 2009
Palmer Sept. 19, 2008 Oct. 21, 2008 Apr. 1, 2009
Year-round Operations
Vessel schedules on the Internet:
*A limited number of science projects deploy at Springfly

Estimated Population
  Austral Summer Austral Winter
McMurdo 642 (weekly average)
2,071 (total)
South Pole 250 (weekly average)
820 (total)
Palmer 30-40 (weekly average)
98 (total)
30-40 (weekly average)
48 (total)
RV/IB NBP* 39 science and staff / 25 crew
ARSV LMG** 38 science and staff / 25 crew
*RV/IB, Research Vessel/Icebreaker
**ARSV, Antarctic Research Support Vessel

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