2013-2014 Science Planning Summaries
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Test of Lorentz invariance at the South Pole

Program Manager:
Dr. Vladimir Papitashvili

Event Number: A-103-S

ASC POC/Implementer:
Samina Ouda / Paul Sullivan

Dr. Michael V. Romalis (Principal Investigator)
http://physics.princeton.edu/romalis/CPT/External Non U.S. Government Site

Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey

Supporting Stations:  South Pole Station
Research Locations:  Cryogen Facility

Project Description:
This project will test Lorentz invariance by placing an atomic spin sensor at the South Pole, where it will be unaffected by Earth rotation. The experiment will constrain several possible forms of Lorentz violation in the sensitivity range where the effects of quantum gravity can be expected, improving existing limits by a factor of 103. The goal for this season is to use the experience of operating the Lorentz violation experiment at the South Pole to further improve its sensitivity. The two current sources of uncertainty are random noise and systematic drifts. Some of this noise is intrinsic to the apparatus, and some is caused by environmental disturbances. The primary objective for the season is to complete the Lorentz-violation experiment and retrograde the apparatus.

Field Season Overview:
Field team members will make hardware upgrades to the apparatus and train a research assistant on its operation.

Deploying Team Members:

  • Morgan Hedges
  • Michael Romalis (PI)
  • Marc Smiciklas

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