2013-2014 Science Planning Summaries
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Staffed Field Camps
A total of five field camps/traverses will have resident staff to provide logistical and operational assistance to McMurdo-based researchers.

Marble Point 77°41 S, 163°67 E
46 nautical miles from McMurdo Station

This camp supports refueling operations for helicopters working in the Dry Valleys and on local sea ice. Two resident staff and rotating fuels operators will operate the camp. Fuel and equipment will be delivered by traverse from McMurdo Station.

Dry Valleys 77°30 S, 162° E
50 nautical miles from McMurdo Station

Each year, Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) grantees and other groups conduct research throughout the Dry Valleys. Two resident staff will operate the main base camp at Lake Hoare and the semi-permanent camps at Lake Fryxell, F-6 and Lake Bonney. Science project teams will erect their own small tent camps on the Taylor Glacier near Lake Joyce, and in the Garwood, Meirs, and Wright Valleys.

Siple Dome 81°39 S, 149°04 W
507 nautical miles from McMurdo Station

This camp serves as a fueling point for aircraft operating between McMurdo Station and West Antarctica or South Pole. Two resident staff will provide daily weather observations and maintain the camp. They will also support borehole logging activities completed by I-172-M (Talghader) and T-350-M (Bentley), as well as O-283-M (Lazzarra), and required KBA crews.

CReSIS 84°14 S, 153°41 W
515 nautical miles from McMurdo Station

The Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS) field camp will be located on Whillans Ice Stream near the Subglacial Lake Whillans (SLW) borehole site established by the WISSARD project in 2012-13. Seven resident staff will support six KBA crew and 14 science participants from three field teams (Gogineni I-185,188, 189-M) who will be conducting airborne and ground-based radar surveys and ground-based seismic surveys on the Whillans, Kamb, and Bindschadler Ice Streams. The CReSIS camp will also receive some flights in support of the WISSARD related science projects in the area of Subglacial Lake Whillans and the Grounding Zone, an area where the Antarctic ice sheet starts to flow from land to ocean and float as the Ross Ice Shelf. They will also support a roving hot water drill (C-524-M/Rack), Tulczyk (C-521-M), and Schwartz (C-525-M).

WISSARD Traverse Vicinity of CReSIS/Subglacial Lake Whillians and the Grounding Zone (GZ)

A staff of three will conduct a traverse from McMurdo Station to Subglacial Lake Whillians (SLW) in support of a roving hot water drill project (including members of C-521-M, C-524, C-525-M and C-530-M).

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