2015-2016 Science Planning Summaries
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2015-2016 USAP Field Season
Project Detail

Project Title

High-resolution study of atmosphere, ice, and aerosol interactions in coastal Antarctica

Zodiac Field Camp in McMurdo Sound near Inaccessible Island. Photo by Peter DeCarlo


Event Number:

Program Manager:
Dr. Peter Milne

ASC POC/Implementer:
Sune Tamm / Beverly Walker

Principal Investigator

Dr. Lars E Kalnajs

University of Colorado Boulder
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Boulder, Colorado

Project Web Site:
http://www.2odiac.com External Web Site


Supporting Stations: McMurdo Station
Research Locations: Sea Ice


Aerosol particles play a critical role in the chemical and radiative balance of the Antarctic atmosphere. Aerosols are a source and sink of gas-phase constituents as well as a transport mechanism for oceanic chemical species into the continental interior. The interaction between aerosols, the gas phase, sea ice, and the snow pack is complex and not well understood. Recent observations of ozone-depletion events and submicron aerosol mass increase, highlight the coupling of the gas and particle phases. These interactions can lead to aerosol formation as well as the deposition of trace elements to the snow pack. It is the incorporation of these aerosol particles into the ice-core record that provides a window into Earth's past atmospheres. A more complete understanding of the coupling will improve interpretation of past Antarctic climate.

Field Season Overview

Team members will be based at McMurdo Station and will travel by Pisten Bully to and from a field site near Inaccessible Island. There, they will deploy ~10 aerosol, trace gas and meteorological instruments. The instrumentation will be run 24/7 and will require near constant supervision for the first few weeks, with less supervision required as the season progresses. The instruments will be powered by diesel generators located down wind of the site to minimize contamination.

Deploying Team Members

  • Sean Davis
  • Michael Giordano
  • James Goetz
  • Lars Kalnajs (PI)
  • Anondo Mukherjee
  • Andrew Slater