2016-2017 Science Planning Summaries
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2016-2017 USAP Field Season
Project Detail

Project Title

Assessing changing patterns of human activity in the McMurdo Dry Valleys using digital photo archive

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Event Number:

Program Manager:
Dr. Paul Cutler

ASC POC/Implementer:
Jenny Cunningham / Ryan Wallace

Principal Investigator

Mr. Adrian J Howkins

Colorado State University
Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Longmont, Colorado

Project Web Site:


Supporting Stations: McMurdo Station
Research Locations: Dry Valleys


Researchers will be conducting repeat photography of sites of human occupation in the McMurdo Dry Valleys in order to build a digital photo archive of the region. Historical photos are also being collected from archives and from individuals in the United States and New Zealand. Researchers with this project plan to return to the sites where these photographs were taken to collect modern imagery. The photo archive will then be used to assess changing patterns of human activity.

Field Season Overview

A team of three will base themselves at Lake Hoare and Lake Fryxell over two weeks in January. From these locations, they will travel by helicopter to numerous sites in the McMurdo Dry Valleys to conduct repeat photography based on archival research. Sites visited may include day trips to New Harbor, Lake Vanda, the Asgard Range, and Lakes Bonney and Fryxell in the Taylor Valley. The team may also visit the Miers, Garwood, Victoria, and Wright Valleys.

Deploying Team Members

  • Adrian Howkins (PI)