2019-2020 Science Planning Summaries
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2019-2020 USAP Field Season
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Principal Investigator Event No. Project Title
Ainley, David B-031-M Adélie penguin response to climate change in the Ross Sea region – a full life-cycle approach
Ballard, Grant B-040-M Does nest density matter? Using novel technology to collect whole-colony data on Adelie penguins
Costa, Daniel B-232-L Foraging ecology and physiology of the leopard seal
Cziko, Paul B-195-M Habitat severity and internal ice in Antarctic notothenioid fishes
Kohut, Josh B-005-N/P Physical mechanisms driving food web focusing on Antarctic biological hotspots
Liwanag, Heather B-030-M Growing up on ice: Physiological adaptations and developmental plasticity in Weddell seal pups across two extreme physical environments
McClintock, James B-027-P Assemblage-wide effects of ocean acidification and ocean warming on ecologically important macroalgal-associated crustaceans in Antarctica
Moran, Amy B-307-M Thermal sensitivity of Antarctic embryos and larvae: Effects of temperature on metabolism, developmental rate, and the metabolic cost of development
Polito, Michael B-023-E Investigating Holocene shifts in the diets and paleohistory of Antarctic krill predators (Argentine collaboration)
Ponganis, Paul B-197-M From air sacs to tissues: Oxygen transfer and utilization in diving emperor penguins
Rotella, Jay B-009-M The consequences of maternal effects and environmental conditions on offspring success in an Antarctic predator
Sanders, Robert B-303-N Diversity and ecological impacts of Antarctic mixotrophic phytoplankton
Schmidt, Britney B-041-M RISE-UP: Ross Ice Shelf and Europa Underwater Probe
Teets, Nicholas B-046-L Mechanisms of adaptation to terrestrial Antarctica through comparative physiology and genomics of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic insects
Todgham, Anne B-207-M Interacting stressors: Metabolic capacity to acclimate under ocean warming and CO2-acidification in early developmental stages of Antarctic fishes
Watters, George B-006-L NOAA / AMLR
Weissburg, Marc B-198-L/P Individual based approaches to understanding krill distributions and aggregations
Young, Jodi B-234-N Spring blooms of sea-ice algae in the Western Antarctic Peninsula: Effects of warming and freshening on cell physiology and biogeochemical cycles
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