Electronic Submission of Deployment Forms
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Notice to All USAP Participants

Please do not submit your completed travel and medical forms or other documents that contain personally identifiable information by email. You must print the forms, manually sign them and mail or fax them to the ASC Travel Group and to ASC Medical.


The NSF is bound by the requirements of the Privacy Act of 1974 and its amendments. All information collected for the purpose of determining your physical qualifications for deploying to Antarctica is considered confidential. The NSF and its contractors that are in receipt of your medical and personal information are required to maintain your confidentiality and secure your information.

For your convenience, the NSF has made the deployment forms interactive so that you may, if you choose, fill them out electronically and save a copy on your computer for your personal use. However, the NSF currently has no way to secure the data as it is electronically transmitted and therefore cannot protect your confidentiality if you transmit the data over unsecured lines.

In order to ensure that we do not violate the Privacy Act or any other federal law pertaining to confidential or personally identifiable information, the ASC prime contractor has been instructed not to accept any electronically submitted deployment forms. Any deployment forms received by email will be disposed of without action.

If you have any questions regarding NSF privacy rules or procedures, please contact the NSF Office of the General Counsel at 703.292.8060.