2012 USAP Annual Planning Conference - June 26-28 - Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center



Conference Venue:
This year's conference is at Lockheed Martins's Global Vision Center (GVC); not at the contracted hotel. It is approximately a 4 block walk from the Hyatt and Marriot, but there are shuttles available from each hotel.

Identification Requirements for entry into the GVC:

  • US Citizens:
    • Lockheed Martin Personnel
      Your Lockheed badge is sufficient ID. Please note, this is NOT the ASC badge. If you are a Lockheed employee and do not have a Lockheed badge, a government issued ID (Driver's license or passport) is required.
    • ASC Team mates and other USAP Agency Personnel:
      Government issued ID (Driver's license or passport) is required
  • Foreign National Attendees
    Your government issued Passport is the only accepted form of identification.

Main Session (Auditorium) Changes:

  • The auditorium is theater seating with fold out desktops. There will be no tables in the Auditorium.
  • There is limited power in the auditorium to plug in electronic devices and "daisy-chaining" power strips is strictly prohibited by GVC and OSHA policies.

Conference Requirements:

  • Presentations Deadline:
    ASAP. Email to nita.folkers.contractor@usap.gov. If your presentation is too big to email, you can bring them to me no later than 8:00 AM on the first day of the conference.
    • If your presentation contains a video file, please make sure it saved in the same folder as a seperate file (as well as embedded in your presentation) or it will not work properly.
  • Wireless Connectivity for Personal/Business Laptops:
    While wireless connectivity is available in the auditorium during the main session, GVC personnel will need to screen each laptop and provide a temporary password that will be good for the duration of the conference. If you wish to receive this service, you will need to check into the conference no later than 8:00 AM on Tuesday, June 26th. Per GVC policy, screenings will only take place outside conference hours and on breaks.

Important Notices:

  • Overflow Hotel Added
    A second hotel has been added to accommodate APC attendees at this year's conference. See the Hotels and Transportation page for details. Attendees that are booked at this hotel will be notified shortly. Please do not contact the hotels directly.
  • Attention Foreign National Attendees
    If you plan on attending the APC, but do not hold US Citizenship, please contact the APC Coordinator immediately. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
    APC Coordinators

It's that time of year again for planning the USAP Annual Planning Conference. The Conference is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26 through Thursday, June 28, 2012 and will be held at the Global Vision Center located at 2121 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22201. I will be sending out periodic emails to each agency Point of Contact (POC) as necessary to keep everyone advised of the status of conference preparations.

As a start in the Conference preparations, please submit the following by COB, Friday, May 18, 2012 EST. All information should be sent via your agency point of contact as an e-mail to me at cfooks@nsf.gov.

  1. Point Papers (Topics Only)
    Topics should be sent as an e-mail attachment. Each topic should be accompanied by a brief description of the issue.
  2. Side Meeting Topics
    Side Meeting Topics are those topics which will require an hour or so to discuss, and will be limited in attendance to a select group of individuals.
    When submitting topics for Side Meetings, include an estimated length of time the meeting will last, and a list of individuals (or positions) you would like to have attend.
  3. Preliminary Number of Attendees
    In order to ensure that enough hotel rooms have been blocked, please provide the total number of individuals expected to attend from your agency.

I recognize that we are in a transition phase, and that attendee numbers may be sketchy until we are closer to the actual conference date. For now, please provide me with your best guess. I do not need specific names, titles, etc. at this point, but will be requesting that information in early June.

To see a list of important conference dates, see the deadlines and deliverables page.

If you have any questions about the Conference, feel free to email or call me. I look forward to seeing you in June!

Carlena Fooks
Program Specialist
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Blvd. Suite 755
Arlington, VA 22230

Phone: (703) 292-7446
Fax: (703) 292-9080
Email: cfooks@nsf.gov