Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Status
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USAP Participants Alert: Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Status

This year, due to the damage brought by the earthquake, life in the city of Christchurch will be different from past seasons. This difference, which will be noticeable to those who are familiar with Christchurch, is best described as "operations as usual, but not business as usual." For instance, favorite restaurants or shops may be closed, favorite hotels may not be available on the dates desired, and public transportation may deviate from familiar routes. These inconveniences will not affect the ability of the Christchurch office representatives to support program participants. All USAP facilities have been completely assessed and repairs and cleanup, with minor exceptions, have been completed. Operations will proceed as planned, but methods of support may be different than in the past.

USAP representatives in the Christchurch office are available to answer any questions that participants may have about the changes described above.

Here are some web sites that may be of interest to participants looking for more information about the Christchurch earthquake and earthquakes, in general: