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Glacier "Tree Rings" Could Hold Clues for Planet's Future
News  /  Wednesday March 20, 2019
Buried in the ice of Antarctica are records of what Earth looked like 130,000 years ago, when the glaciers last melted - and what it might look like again in the future....

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The Multimessenger Diversity Network: Astrophysics Joins Efforts to Broaden Participation in STEM
News  /  Monday March 18, 2019
A new Multimessenger Diversity Network (MDN) to broaden participation in astrophysics was launched earlier this month during a meeting at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The meeting was hosted by the Wisconsin IceCube...

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Astronomy (Again) Makes its Mark at the South Pole
News  /  Monday March 18, 2019
Each year, because the ice sheet moves roughly 30 feet a year, it is necessary to mark the location of the South Pole in Antarctica. And each year, the community of researchers...

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International Space Station Welcomes Three New Crewmembers
News  /  Friday March 15, 2019
NASA astronaut Christina Koch (pictured bottom right), who has extensive experience in science-support at OPP's stations in Greenland and Antarctica, arrived aboard the International Space Station when the hatches between a Soyuz...

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SALSA Time-lapse Video
News  /  Monday March 11, 2019
In the Southern Hemisphere summer, the sun shines 24 hours a day in Antarctica. This roughly 90-second video - which was shot with a 360-degree camera from the top of chemistry lab...

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Understanding Adaptations of Antarctic Species Mar 6, 2019

Understanding Adaptations of Antarctic Species

The Office of Polar Programs' Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems Program has issued a Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) to encourage the submission of research proposals that would advance scientific understanding of how Antarctic creatures evolve and adapt to unique and ever-changing Antarctic environments.

OPP Seeks Biological Sciences Program Director Feb 14, 2019

OPP Seeks Biological Sciences Program Director

OPP seeks a qualified candidate for a program-director position for the Antarctic Organisms and Ecosystems Program. The job would be located at NSF's headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia.

Information for Grantees and Potential Grantees on the Effects of the Partial Government Shutdown on Proposal Processing
Deadline Extended for Comments Sought for OPP Advisory Committee Document on Research-investment Priorities


Special Report

A site map of the proposed new McMurdo Station taken from the NSF Blue Ribbon Panel Report

Take a look at the National Science Foundation's plans for the future of science and logistics in Antarctica.