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President Trump's Midwinter's Day Message to the Antarctic Community
News  /  Wednesday June 21, 2017
Continuing a tradition that dates to the International Geophysical Year, President Donald J. Trump has issued an annual message of congratulations and encouragement to researchers and support personnel, on the Southern Hemisphere's...

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'Skibird' Navigator Shares Antarctic Flying Experience in a Children's Book
News  /  Wednesday June 21, 2017
Air Force Amanda - the storybook character version of Maj. Amanda Coonradt of the New York Air National Guard’s 109th Airlift Wing - came to life in December 2015 while Coonradt was...

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OPP-Funded Study: Widespread Melt in West Antarctica Documented During Unusually Warm Austral Summer
News  /  Thursday June 15, 2017
An area of West Antarctica more than twice the size of California partially melted in 2016 when warm winds forced by an especially strong El Nino blew over the continent, an international...

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Ancient Ice from Greenland and Antarctica: the Story it Tells About Climate
News  /  Thursday June 15, 2017
Year after year, snow compacts under its own weight forming strata that encapsulate the air between flake structures. "And these [ice cores] are perfect samples of past atmospheres." Measuring and mapping up...

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New Office of Polar Programs (OPP) Safety and Occupational Health Policy new item Jun 21, 2017

New Office of Polar Programs (OPP) Safety and Occupational Health Policy

The Office of Polar Programs has made official its Safety and Occupational Health policy. The written policy, which applies to all of OPP’s science operations in both the Arctic and Antarctic, was signed by Susanne LaFratta, who heads OPP’s Polar Environment, Safety, and Health Section, on June 14, 2017.

Dr. Douglas Kowalewski Joins the NSF Antarctic Sciences Section Jun 15, 2017

Dr. Douglas Kowalewski Joins the NSF Antarctic Sciences Section

Dr. Douglas E. Kowalewski has joined OPP's Antarctic Sciences Section as program director for Antarctic Earth sciences. He will replace Thomas Wilch, who has managed the program since June 2015 and whose appointment will end on August 30, 2017.

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A site map of the proposed new McMurdo Station taken from the NSF Blue Ribbon Panel Report

Take a look at the National Science Foundations's plans for the future of science and logistics in Antarctica.

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International Jazz Day is celebrated at South Pole Station

Video: International Jazz Day is Celebrated at South Pole Station

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