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On the Wings of Petrels
Thursday May 27, 2021
While penguins may be viewed as the iconic Antarctic bird, there are many other species that call the continent and Southern Ocean home. As part of NSF's Long Term Ecological Research (LTER)...

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RESEARCH UPDATE: Marine ice-cliff instability at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Wednesday May 26, 2021
The West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) holds enough ice to raise global sea levels by about three meters. The ice sheet is also vulnerable to rapid retreat through a process called marine...

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Thwaites Glacier: Future
Tuesday May 25, 2021
Scientists are using advanced computer models and simulations to calculate what the next century might hold for the melting Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica, and how it might contribute to rising sea levels...

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RESEARCH UPDATE: Ice core chemistry expands insight into sea ice variability
Monday May 24, 2021
Recent work has been published by scientists from the University of Maine, giving insight into the seasonal and overall changes in sea ice in the Southern Hemisphere. Using ice core samples from...

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RESEARCH UPDATE: The Paris Climate Agreement and future sea-level rise from Antarctica
Monday May 10, 2021
The world is currently on track to exceed three degrees Celsius of global warming, and new NSF-funded research led by researchers at the UMass Amherst shows that such a scenario would drastically...

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USAP Station Webcams

Live Images from Antarctica

McMurdo Station - Arrival Heights Webcam
McMurdo Station - Observation Hill Webcam
McMurdo Station - ITC-Prime Construction Webcam
South Pole Station - Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station Webcam
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View current and historical photos profiling science, scenery, wildlife, and more at the USAP Photo Library.

The Antarctic Sun

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The Antarctic Sun is the official source for news of the United States Antarctic Program and US Antarctic Stations.

Program Announcements

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Lauren Lipuma joins the U.S. Antarctic Program as Antarctic Communications Editor May 24, 2021

Lauren Lipuma joins the U.S. Antarctic Program as Antarctic Communications Editor

Lauren Lipuma joins USAP as a part of Leidos, the prime contractor for USAP. Lauren will be writing, editing, and managing the online Antarctic Sun newspaper, creating multi-media products, and serving as photographer and manager of the USAP Photo Library archive. Before joining the U.S. Antarctic Program, Lauren worked as a science writer, photographer, and video and podcast producer for eight years in Washington, D.C.

Margaret Knuth appointed Chief Program Manager for the U.S. Antarctic Program May 10, 2021

Margaret Knuth appointed Chief Program Manager for the U.S. Antarctic Program

Ms. Margaret Knuth has been appointed to be the Chief Program Manager for the U.S. Antarctic Program, where she will manage and oversee operations and logistics across USAP stations, field sites, gateways, and port facilities. She will also lead USAP's logistics collaborations with other National Antarctic Programs, and serve on the USAP Executive Management Board. This position is part of the Section for Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics at NSF.

U.S. Antarctic Program develops Sexual Assault/Harassment Prevention and Response (SAHPR) Program
Tammy Perkins joins the Office of Polar Programs as Business Manager for the U.S. Antarctic Program


Special Report

A site map of the proposed new McMurdo Station taken from the NSF Blue Ribbon Panel Report

Take a look at the National Science Foundation's plans for the future of science and logistics in Antarctica.