U.S. Antarctic stations show their Pride
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USAP Participants pose by a pride flag to celebrate 2023 Pride Day  

U.S. Antarctic Stations Show Their Pride

Polar Pride Day festivities occur across the frozen continent

Last month, participants in the U.S. Antarctic Program (USAP) celebrated the LGBTQ+ community in the fourth annual Polar Pride Day. Observed every year on November 18, it is a day to recognize the contributions these individuals make every day in supporting and conducting important scientific research at the top and bottom of the world.

USAP Participants pose by a table with refreshments to celebrate 2023 Pride Day

More than 50 countries participate in the annual Polar Pride celebrations, which are held on the same day as LGBTQ+ STEM Day. Together, the two shine a spotlight on the commitment within the scientific community to support and enhance diversity and inclusivity in polar research.

Polar Pride Day isn’t just a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community and its contributions to science. It aims to foster a broader understanding of the diversity that exists among polar researchers and send a message of inclusiveness, acceptance and respect to everyone within the research community and all those who hope to enter it one day.

This year, USAP stations celebrated with social gatherings, Pride flag displays, rainbow-themed clothing and desserts, and showings of LGBTQ+ movies.