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Peninsula area Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) gear is issued to all United States Antarctic Program (USAP) participants working at Palmer Station, Antarctica or on the research vessels, RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer and ARSV Laurence M. Gould.

The gear is issued to participants as they pass through Punta Arenas, Chile, is government property on loan, and must be returned upon redeployment.

Gear Issue
Gear Return
Gear Sizes
Gear Descriptions and Photos
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Gear Issue

When you arrive in Punta Arenas, Chile, one of our port agent (AGUNSA) representatives meets you.  The agent provides you with a handout that indicates your scheduled ECW issue time.  You then report to Warehouse 1 at the scheduled time in order to try on all of your gear and exchange for the appropriate sizes.

The USAP does not supply water bottles or sunglasses.

NOTE: All gear is standard issue unless otherwise noted. See Gear Descriptions and Photos.

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Gear Return

During the ship's transit back to Punta Arenas, the Marine Project Coordinator (MPC) posts an ECW return signup sheet.  Once the ship arrives in port, report to Warehouse 2 at your scheduled time and turn in your gear.

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Gear Sizes

Thermal tops and bottoms come in male and female sizes. All other gear is sized as unisex.

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Gear Descriptions and Photos:  View as Thumbnails
1 each GOR-TEX® wind jacket
1 each Helly Hansen® rain jacket
1 each polar fleece jacket
1 each Carhartt® jacket optional
1 each Carhartt vest optional
1 each red down parka optional

1 each GOR-TEX bib coveralls for grantees only
1 each Helly Hansen rain pants
1 each polar fleece pants
1 each Carhartt bib coveralls optional
1 each Carhartt pants

2 each thermal top
2 each thermal bottoms

Hat and Neck
1 each Balaklava
1 each neck gaiter
1 each polar fleece cap

1 pair leather work gloves (unlined)
1 pair leather work gloves (insulated)
1 pair rubber gloves (with liners)
1 pair GOR-TEX mitts
1 pair polypropylene gloves
1 pair wool gloves

2 pair tube socks
1 pair snow boots (Sorel™ or LaCrosse®)
1 each fisherman boots (rubber or steel-toed) optional

1 pair goggles
1 each duffle bag


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