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The U.S. National Science Foundation has engaged Bridge® as the online training vendor for participants in the United States Antarctic Program. The USAP Bridge Online Learning Center provides easy access to courses, and streamlines required training prior to deployment to Antarctica.

Ready to proceed? You may enter the USAP Bridge Online Learning Center right now. If not, refer to the Before You Begin section or the additional information below.

Navigating the USAP Bridge Online Learning Center

  1. Enter Bridge using the button in the Launch section to the right

  2. Your login ID for the Bridge Online Learning Center (OLC) is your USAP ID/Pipeline # (a 7-digit number unique to you)

    1. If you do not know your USAP ID/Pipeline #, please refer to your medical deployment packet (if deploying) or Human Resources representative

  3. If you have previously set up your password and recorded it, enter the password and click on Log In. Proceed to step 6

  4. To set up your initial password, or to reset a forgotten password, please utilize the Forgot Password link

    1. Deploying/contract personnel will receive the ‘Reset Your Bridge Password’ email in their personal email account used for deployment communications. Full time personnel will receive the email in their USAP email account

    2. The email will come from Bridge:

    3. The link in the ‘Reset Your Bridge Password’ email is only valid for 24 hours. If this time has passed, you must go back and select Forgot Password on the login page

  5. Once you have received your Reset Your Bridge Password email, click on the link provided to create a new password

    1. Please note that this password is not associated with any other account, such as your USAP network account. This password is unique to the Bridge Online Learning Center

  6. After logging in, you will be on the My Learning page. Here you will see the Information Security and Privacy/Sensitive Information Awareness Training course that all USAP Participants are required to take. Click on this course to begin

    1. Some positions require an additional course, Privileged User Training. If you see this training in your library, feel free to take the course. If not, you will be notified when the course is due

  7. A title page will appear, click on Enter Course

  8. Read the course information, scrolling down on each page to view all content. Click on Continue to move forward in the course

  9. At the conclusion of the course, you will see the Complete button and then will be able to View your Certificate of Completion. At this point, your completion has been recorded in the system. You are welcome to print the certificate for your records

If you have any issues accessing or completing your course, please contact us at