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Monday November 25, 2019

In a relatively rare occurrence, the NSF Antarctic research vessels Laurence M. Gould and Nathaniel B. Palmer lie alongside one another at Palmer Station on the Antarctic Peninsula. The last time they were both at the station at the same time was in 2000. The Palmer, largest of the two, was rafted next to the Gould to transfer passengers and equipment to the station.
Two-million-year-old Ice Provides Snapshot of Earth's Greenhouse Gas History Two-million-year-old Ice Provides Snapshot of Earth's Greenhouse Gas History
Thursday November 07, 2019

Two-million-year old ice from the Allan Hills region of Antarctica recently uncovered by a team of researchers provides a clearer picture into the connections between greenhouse gases and climate in the ancient past and is expected to help scientists understand future climate change. In a recent edition of the journal Nature, a group of scientists described how they used air trapped in the bubbles in ice as old as two million years to measure levels of the greenhouse gases carbon dioxide and methane.

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