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Story By new item May 23, 2019

Story By "Embedded" PRI Reporter Asks the Question "Is Thwaites Glacier Doomed?"

NSF/OPP and the U.K.'s NERC: Natural Environment Research Councill are jointly supporting a five-year, 25 million dollar deployment of researchers to investigate the fate of Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier. Thwaites drains an area roughly the size of Florida or Great Britain, accounting for about 4 percent of global sea level rise - an amount that has doubled since the mid-1990s.

OPP Officials Attend Antarctic Search-and-Rescue Workshop May 16, 2019

OPP Officials Attend Antarctic Search-and-Rescue Workshop

Dr. Kelly K. Falkner was one of three U.S. Antarctic Program officials who attended an Antarctic Search-and-Rescue Workshop held this week in Wellington and Christchurch, New Zealand.

Getting a Close-up Look at How Antarctic Ocean Vegetation Weathers Change May 10, 2019

Getting a Close-up Look at How Antarctic Ocean Vegetation Weathers Change

Alex Lowe, a postdoctoral student at Maryland's Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, scuba dives near NSF's Palmer Station, Antarctica. Lowe is part of a collaborative research effort involving scientists from University of Alabama, Birmingham, UA-Fairbanks, the University of Oregon, Eugene and Texas A&M University, IslandtoIce who are studying cold-water communities on the western Antarctic Peninsula and how they may be changing.

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