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PRI Shows How Seals Assist Scientists with Predictions of the Thwaites Glacier Collapse new item Jul 15, 2019

PRI Shows How Seals Assist Scientists with Predictions of the Thwaites Glacier Collapse

Weddell seals dive almost 2,000 feet below the ocean's surface. Elephant seals (such as the one in this 2005 photo) go even deeper - more than 3,000 feet. That means if scientists equip them with sensors, the seals are ideal for measuring the ocean's temperature at different depths.

Independence Day on The Ice Jul 11, 2019

Independence Day on The Ice

Personnel at McMurdo Station, Antarctica used their lunch break on July 5 to celebrate Independence Day with a parade. Aside from taking place on a continent experiencing 24 hours of darkness, many things would have been familiar in any parade on a typical "Main Street USA": fire engines, baton twirlers, flags, and smiling and waving military veterans.

A Celebrity Chef's Passion for Science Jul 1, 2019

A Celebrity Chef's Passion for Science

Angela Zoumplis, a biologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, earlier this week wrote on the opinion pages of the New York Times about a visit to a field camp in the McMurdo Dry Valleys by the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. One of several researchers who discussed their work and Antarctic experience with Bourdain on and off camera at NSF's Lake Hoare Camp, she was initially a bit perplexed about why he had come to the southernmost continent.

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