Science and Technical Project Services Points of Contact
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Adelie penguins on Torgersen Island, near Palmer Station

Esther Hill
Science and Technical Project Services Manager

Curt LaBombard
Science and Technical Project Services Implementation Manager

Science Planners
Science Project Managers
Science Implementation Department
Science Planning Support Coordinators

Planning Department—Points of Contact
Name Title Phone
Esther Hill Science and Technical Project Services Manager 720.568.2008
Bonnie Olson S&TPS Planning Administrative Coordinator 720.568.2023
Science Planners
Name Title Phone
Jenny Cunningham Science Planner 720.568.2346
Samina Ouda Science Planner 720.568.2228
John Rand Science Planner 720-568-2402
David Rivera Science Planner 720-568-2414
Rachel Shackelford Science Planner 720.568.2031
Judy Shiple Science Planner 720.568.2350
Science Project Managers
Name Title Phone
Leslie Blank S&TPS Project Manager 720.568.2377
Matthew Kippenhan S&TPS Project Manager 720.568.2342
Chad Naughton S&TPS Project Manager 720.568.2344
Leah Street S&TPS Project Manager 720.568.2265
Implementation Department—Points of Contact
Name Title Phone
Curt LaBombard S&TPS Implementation Manager 720.568.2417
Mitch Kennedy S&TPS Implementation Administrative Coordinator 720.568.2336

McMurdo Station
Name Title Phone
Elizabeth Kauffman  S&TPS McMurdo Implementation Manager 720.568.2154
TBD Crary Lab Supervisor 720.568.2428
Richard Dean Instrument/Electronics Technician 720.568.2370
Stephanie Woodward Hazardous Materials Specialist 720.568.2100
Field Camps
Name Title Phone
Meghan Walker S&TPS Field Manager 720.568.2450
Dean Einerson S&TPS Field Supervisor, Continental 720.568.2463
Cara Ferrier S&TPS Field Supervisor, Peninsula 720.568.2481
Bija Sass Field Support and Training Supervisor 720.568.2422
Jen Blum Assistant Field S&TPS Manager 720.568.2215
Jen Rheman Aviation Operations Supervisor 720.568.2106
Lindsay Steinbauer Helicopter Operations Supervisor 720.568.2181
South Pole Station
Name Title Phone
Paul Sullivan S&TPS South Pole Manager 720.568.2255
TBD South Pole Science Supervisor  
Palmer Station
Name Title Phone
Jamee Johnson  S&TPS Palmer Manager 720.568.2454
Planning Support Coordinators
Name Title Phone
Chris Kenry S&TPS Planning Support Coordinator 720.568.2305
Katie Leum S&TPS Planning Support Coordinator 720.568.2491