Science and Technical Project Services Points of Contact
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Adelie penguins on Torgersen Island, near Palmer Station

Katrin Hafner
Science and Technical Project Services Manager 

Mitch Kennedy
S&TPS Administrative Coordinator

Marie Mallory
S&TPS Administrative Coordinator

Science Planners
Name Title Phone
Matthew Erickson Science Planning Manager 720.568.2127
John Rand Science Planner 720.568.2402
Allison Barden Science Planner 720.568.2321
Paul Sullivan Science Planner 720.568.2255
Ken Vicknair Science Planner 720.568.2286
Ryan Steiner Science Planner 720.568.2426
Planning Support Coordinator
Name Title Phone
Phil Jacobsen S&TPS Planning Support Coordinator 720.568.2224
Science Implementation
Name Title Phone
Jane Dell S&TPS Implementation Manager 720.568.2146
Jenny Cunningham Science Implementation - Field 720.568.2346
Randolph Jones Science Implementation - McMurdo  720.568.2306
Jamee Johnson Science Implementation - Peninsula 720.568.2454
Sheryl Seagraves Science Implementation Manager - South Pole 720.568.2150
Kaija Webster Science Implementation - LDB 720.568.2213
David Ferris Crary Lab Supervisor - McMurdo  720.568.2192
Richard Dean Instrument/Electronics Technician - McMurdo 720.568.2370
Stephanie Woodward Hazardous Materials Specialist 720.568.2100
Alex Brett USAP Dive Operations  
Steve Rupp USAP Dive Operations 720.568.2459
Science Project Managers
Name Title Phone
Leslie Blank S&TPS Project Manager 720.568.2377
Matthew Kippenhan S&TPS Project Manager 720.568.2342
Chad Naughton S&TPS Project Manager 720.568.2344
Leah Street S&TPS Project Manager 720.568.2265
Name Title Phone
Jen Blum Field Area Manager 720.568.2215
James King Field Operations Manager 720.568.2272
Diane Hutt Field Supervisor, Peninsula 720.568.2519
Al Davies Field Support Training Manager 720.568.2115
Brian Johnson Deputy Field Area Manager 720.568.2076
Judy Shiple Aviation Operations Manager 720.568.2357
Dana Carlson Helicopter Operations Supervisor 720.568.2163
Shasta Sevcik Fixed Wing Operations Supervisor 720.568.2192