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To perform research in Antarctica is to truly push the bounds of science. Participants in the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) must pass stringent physical qualifications and extensive safety training in preparation for deployment to the "Ice."

The Participant On-Line Antarctic Resource Information Coordination Environment (POLAR ICE) is the web-based software application used to assist in deployment preparation, and coordinate and facilitate support for Antarctic research missions.

Researchers who have been awarded NSF funding for work in Antarctica use POLAR ICE in the following ways:

  • Complete a Support Information Package (SIP) each deployment year to detail all logistical and support needs, and to better plan appropriate mission resources.
  • Coordinate and manage overall support and resources.

Security Considerations

Users are reminded to consider privacy issues and avoid entering sensitive information that is not required by the application. Such sensitive information may include personal phone numbers and/or addresses as well as any unique identifiers utilized by your project team or institution. Social security numbers are neither required nor should they be entered at any time.

System Requirements

POLAR ICE is designed to work cross-platform, including PC, Apple®, and UNIX machines. Due to the vast array of browser types, capabilities, and compatibility levels, it works optimally in the latest available versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome™, and Mozilla Firefox™. Additionally, users should ensure they have Adobe Reader™ installed for PDF viewing and printing.

POLAR ICE Tutorial

The POLAR ICE Planning Cycle

The POLAR ICE tutorial contains important information about navigating the site, how to create a new document, and how to create comprehensive content. First-time users are strongly encouraged to complete the tutorial prior to using POLAR ICE.

Launch Tutorial


There are two mechanisms by which you can supply feedback on your experience using POLAR ICE, and both are submitted to the design and development team. Please feel free to submit as many comments as you like; your input continues to improve the POLAR ICE product.

  • Feedback Link
    The first option for providing feedback is built into the application. Each POLAR ICE page provides a link that opens a feedback content window. The link is context sensitive and automatically captures your name and the active section of the page.

  • Feedback Form
    The second feedback option is a feedback form. This general forum allows you to provide feedback that is used to improve the POLAR ICE application and fit the changing needs of the scientific community.

    POLAR ICE Feedback

Technical Support

POLAR ICE technical support is available during regular business hours (MST) by email and phone.

Email: polaricesupport@usap.gov
Phone: 800.688.8606 ext. 32499
720.568.2499 (direct)