Information Security Policies and Instructions
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United States Antarctic Program (USAP) information security policies and instructions address federal requirements for information security standards on government networks. All USAP participants with access to the USAP network should be familiar with the policies and instructions.

Acceptable Use of USAP Information Resources

USAP participants must agree to the Acceptable Use policy available below.

Policy Description
AIL-POL-5000.06 Acceptable Use of USAP Information Resources
  Acceptable Use of USAP Information Resources Acknowledgement Form

Additional policies can be accessed from USAP Online Learning Center training, or can be requested via email directly from: Tim Howard, IT Support & USAP Information Security Manager.

Policy Description
AIL-POL-5000.01 USAP Information Security and Privacy Program Management
AIL-POL-5000.02 USAP Information Security Planning
AIL-POL-5000.03 USAP Information Categorization: moved to 5000.04 Risk Management
AIL-POL-5000.04 USAP Information Security Risk Management Policy
AIL-POL-5000.05 Information Security Architecture: moved to 5000.02 USAP Information Security Planning
AIL-POL-5000.06 See above section: Acceptable Use of USAP Information Resources
AIL-POL-5000.07 USAP Access Control Policy
AIL-POL-5000.08 USAP Audit and Accountability Policy
AIL-POL-5000.09 USAP Information Security Awareness and Training Policy
AIL-POL-5000.10 USAP Personnel Security Policy
AIL-POL-5000.11 USAP Information Security Physical and Environmental Protection Policy
AIL-POL-5000.12 USAP Information Security Incident Response Policy
AIL-POL-5000.13 USAP Information Security Contingency Planning Policy
AIL-POL-5000.14 USAP System and Information Integrity Policy
AIL-POL-5000.15 USAP Security Configuration Management Policy
AIL-POL-5000.16 USAP Information Security Assessment and Authorization
AIL-POL-5000.17 Non-USAP Systems
AIL-POL-5000.18 USAP Information Privacy Program Policy
AIL-POL-5000.19 USAP Identification and Authentication Policy
AIL-POL-5000.20 USAP Information System Maintenance
AIL-POL-5000.21 USAP System and Communications Protection Policy
AIL-POL-5000.22 USAP Media Protection Policy
AIL-POL-5000.23 USAP Information System and Services Acquisition Policy
AIL-POL-5000.24 USAP Supply Chain Risk Management Policy