Information Security Awareness Training and Rules of Behavior
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According to federal laws and regulations, all United States Antarctic Program (USAP) participants who have access to USAP information resources must do the following:

Awareness Training

All USAP participants are required to complete information security awareness training on an annual basis. USAP Information Security Awareness Training must be completed one of the following ways:

Online Learning Center Information Security Awareness Course

Most USAP participants must meet training requirements by completing the Security Awareness Course through the USAP Online Learning Center (OLC), as instructed in your deployment packet.

If USAP participants are unable to take the online training, they must contact the Denver Help Desk (

Acknowledgement of USAP Information Security Policies and Permission for Use

Users of USAP information resources should understand what their responsibilities are regarding use and behavior on USAP network and systems. This includes system operators, maintainers, and general users of USAP information systems. Most notable of the Information Security Policies is the Enterprise Rules of Behavior Link to PDF file.

Users should read, print, and sign the Acknowledgement of Information Security Policies form Link to PDF file, and return it to the ASC following the instructions in your deployment packet.