USAP Computer Requirements
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Computer requirements apply to all systems connected to the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) network. They are intended to protect against inadvertent introduction of malicious applications that pose a security risk to the integrity of network science and operations systems that support the USAP.

Laptop Screening
Vulnerability Scanning

If you have questions, contact Information Security:

Phone: 720.480.2410

Laptop Screening

Computer screening requirements are provided in the USAP Participant Guide. If you are deploying and taking a laptop with you, be sure your system meets these requirements prior to your deployment in order to ensure that your system will be granted access to the USAP network.

Vulnerability Scanning

All systems on the USAP network are periodically scanned to detect vulnerabilities. If a vulnerability is detected on your system, the IT station manager or designee sends you an email providing information on the vulnerability, and identifying the timeframe you have to respond to the notification or to remediate the issue.

If you have a system on the network that is gathering scientific data and may be negatively impacted by the scans, contact the station help desk to request a test scan of the system before connecting to the USAP network.

Submitting a Risk Acceptance Recommendation

If there is a valid business case for why a vulnerability detected on a system cannot be remediated, submit the following form to

Risk Acceptance Recommendation Link to PDF file

The form provides fields for exemption justification and information on system and physical controls in place that mitigate risks to the system(s).

After you submit a Risk Acceptance Recommendation, the USAP Information Security Department reviews the recommendation, then submits it to the USAP Information Security Manager (ISM) for approval.

Information Security emails you indicating whether your exemption is approved or disapproved.