USAP Email Address Format
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If you are a current or future USAP participant, or communicate with participants, please be aware of the USAP email address format.

The current USAP email address naming conventions align with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR Part 37.114 External U.S. government site) and National Science Foundation (NSF) agency guidance.  The naming conventions distinguish the identity of USAP participants between governmental officials acting in an official capacity and the various non-government personnel participating within the program.  This distinction prevents the potential for misrepresentation of non-government individuals as U.S. Government officials.

USAP Participant Groups

Group A
U.S. Government employee, civilian or military, conducting official business in direct support of the USAP.

Group B
Contractor employees, irrespective of the parent contracting organization.

Group C
Guests and visitors, which include science grantee participants.

Naming Convention

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:

Help or Questions

For USAP participants or for those who are presently communicating with USAP participants via email, questions may be addressed to the USAP Help Desk:

Phone: 800.688.8606, ext. 32001

General Notes

  • Legal first names and last names are used for the formal address naming.
  • USAP participants may request an alias address using common nicknames in addition to the legal first name and last name address syntax.
  • Alias addresses for Group A may be authorized by NSF that conform to the participant's parent organization's email naming syntax.
  • Science research grantees, guests, and visitors who receive a USAP email account, irrespective of government employment status, are managed under Group C naming.
  • Examples of contractors that fall under Group B:

Antarctic Support Contract (ASC)
Kenn Borek Air Ltd.
Petroleum Helicopters, Inc. (PHI)
Space Mark International (SMI)
AGUNSA, South America
Chubb Security Systems
Scientific Research Corporation (SRC)
GHG Corporation
Biospherical Instruments Inc. (BSI)